6 Things You May Not Know Your Commercial Locksmith Can Help You With

Commercial Locksmith

6 Things You May Not Know Your Commercial Locksmith Can Help You With

The job of a residential or commercial locksmith isn’t limited to just fixing locks, creating key duplicates, and helping you get into your car, home, or office when you get locked out.

Professional locksmiths Sydney know how to work with other products as well that can improve the security of your place of business. In this post, we share what these other products are so we can better understand what locksmiths do.

Security and alarm systems

A home or business establishment without some form of surveillance or alarm system is weak against untoward danger.

This is where a commercial locksmith can truly shine. Armed with their industry experience and knowledge of the best safety practices, secure locksmiths can help you to monitor multiple areas of a property from a single panel.

For detecting a break-in, having an alarm system is a must. Everything from your windows, garage doors and roller shutters can be installed with motion sensors, temperature sensors, and even reed switches photoelectric beams.

Intercom systems

Having a security system that’s integrated with an additional intercom system is common for many luxury houses and high-security facilities.

But these systems are also used elsewhere, such as in schools, clubs, residential properties, and businesses of all sizes.

Even with just an intercom system, you’ll appreciate how the level of security in your home or office is drastically improved. And the best part is that they’re more cost-effective than having an alarm system, making them a good choice for people on a budget.

Handicap compliance hardware

While not very common, some professional locksmiths can help disabled people by installing handicap compliance hardware.

Examples of these types of hardware are ‘D’ type levers that let a disabled person operate a latch mechanism to easily open doors while reducing the risk of slips. There are also electronic systems that can help elderly or disabled homeowners to open large and hard-to-open doors.

Fire doors

In places that frequently have bushfires, having fire doors gives people time to escape, so they’re not caught in a disastrous situation.

A locksmith can help determine where to best place the fire doors, install them and inspect them to make sure they work properly.

The fire doors should be tested and approved in accordance with AS 1905.1.

Surveillance cameras

Having cameras can do more than just provide evidence of a break-in or theft. They’re also great for discouraging criminals from targeting your establishment or home.

Secure locksmiths can assess which areas require a camera and whether you’ll need sensors and alarms. They normally also take care of installing any related applications or software so you can easily monitor your property no matter where you are.


Locksmiths that specialise in commercial establishments will know everything there is to know about safes. They’ll be happy to help you determine the kind of safe your business needs and what you can store inside.

Additionally, they can also fix broken safes or change the combination.

A residential or commercial locksmith is also a security expert

When it comes to homes or businesses, you can’t go wrong hiring a commercial locksmith to help eliminate potential security risks in your home. Moreover, professional emergency locksmiths Sydney won’t hesitate to help you if you’re accidentally locked out. So remember, whenever you have questions about any of the products mentioned above, talking to a locksmith may give you all the answers you need.