Advantages of Digital Locks

advantages of digital locks

5 Advantages Of Digital Locks

In recent times, mechanical locks are becoming more obsolete and the need for using digital locks continues to grow. Although they have proven to be reliable in providing security for many years, mechanical locks have become more vulnerable to thieves and intruders. Nowadays, burglars have learned how to easily manipulate traditional locks and have the tools needed to break them. This is why more and more people prefer digital locks. Below, we present you with the many advantages of digital locks and how using them is better for securing your home, office, and other properties.

1. Ease of Use

Digital locks are very easy to use. Through an access code, any family member or employee can quickly access your property. You can even teach young children to operate them. There is no need to fumble for keys or make several key copies for different individuals to gain entry to your premises. However, remember to keep the access code a secret and allow only a handful of trusted people to know it. If your codes get compromised, change them immediately.

2. Keyless Entry

Keys easily get dropped by accident or stolen without you even noticing until it’s too late. One of the advantages of keyless door locks is that it limits the risk of having suspicious people enter your home. Using digital locks will help ensure that your property is safe from being vandalised or robbed. Additionally, issuing keys to many different people who need access to your property make keys hard to track. This could cause serious security breaches and encourage theft.


3. Better Security

Lock-and-key systems are easy to break into. Most burglars will know how to break a traditional lock. They will also know where to find spare keys usually hidden in your property. On the other hand, digital locks make your property difficult to get into and will require special equipment and tools to break. Additionally, digital locks allow you to change your lock codes quickly and without difficulty anytime you deem it necessary. Furthermore, it eliminates the need to hire someone with special skills and tools to rekey locks or make a key replacement.

4. Flexible Installation

In fact with digital locks, there is no need to purchase and install any special frames or a specific type of door. They can easily be installed on any kind of standard door. This is what makes the installation of digital locks suitable for all homes and office entryways. Moreover, digital locks do not require any additional wires to connect to a power source. Each unit just runs on batteries and will not need to tap into a power supply to function properly.

5. Durability

A traditional mechanical lock is susceptible to natural wear and tear. One of the disadvantages of door locks with keys is that they rust through time and malfunction from frequent or heavy use. This is an inevitable situation which is annoying and time-consuming. You might even need to have the entire lock replaced because of its inconvenience. Also, old keys can break and get stuck inside your lock which can also be a pain to deal with, especially when you are in a hurry. On the other hand, digital locks are remarkably durable. Without keys, your locks will not sustain any damages from repetitive friction. And, although its hardware may also suffer natural decline like rusting, it will have little effect on the locking mechanism. Moreover, minimal force is needed in touching a screen or keypad on a digital lock so it’s nearly impossible to cause any damage.

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If you are on the fence about switching from mechanical to digital locks, keep in mind the above benefits of electronic door locks. If you are looking for a way to improve security in a convenient and easy way, the use of digital door locks can be a great decision to make. So, consult with a professional locksmith about installing one on your property. Also, you may find even more advantages when you own a digital lock of your own.

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