Are Commercial Security Door Locks Worth Their Higher Price Tag?

Commercial Security Door Locks

We’ve all heard and read how companies pour most of their budget on marketing, product creation, or employee training. But there’s another aspect of the business that should never be neglected: security. Commercial security door locks are an essential part of an office’s or building’s security system. With that said, let’s go into their cost.

The Average Prices of Commercial Security Door Locks

Security door locks are significantly more expensive than conventional locks. However, they also offer more features that can elevate door security in any office or facility.

Many security door locks hardware stores offer a wide range of products with varying features. The prices typically start at $100, yet it isn’t unusual to find locks that cost more than $300.

Why are they so expensive?

The more reliable a product is against theft, intruders, and wear and tear, the pricier they tend to be. High-end security door locks are designed to withstand drilling and picking. And it isn’t just about the material, it’s about construction and technology, too.

Many of these high-end products for door security incorporate smart technology that lets you control and access the lock remotely. Many of them are also compatible with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.

Essentially, you also pay more for convenience and not just security benefits.

Who do I call for security door locks replacement or installation?

A certified commercial locksmith is the best person to hire for lock- and key-related services. Not only can they help you improve door security, but they also offer sound advice on which areas of the commercial property to focus your defence on.

For example, the main entry points to a building or facility are places that should be fortified. Better yet, certain products such as access control systems should also be used if the goal is to limit access to staff, officers, and privileged clients.

How do I choose the right security door lock?

You’ll need to conduct a thorough assessment, or at least have an idea, of your office or establishment’s security needs.

Once you’ve established the level of security that benefits your business, a locksmith can help you choose the best commercial security door locks.

Among the types, a locksmith is likely to consider anti-bumping locks and electronic digital locks.

Anti-bumping means the locks have special internal springs that prevent burglars from forcing the lock open using an impact key — a fairly easy technique that any burglar can master.

If you have the budget for it, however, we highly suggest investing in an electronic lock. These devices use advanced recognition techniques that eliminate the need for keys.

Certified locksmiths can help you with security door locks

A commercial locksmith can take care of everything for you — from choosing the type of lock to buying them from the security door locks hardware store. They’ll also handle security door locks replacements, repairs, and installations.

Door security shouldn’t be taken lightly. Here at APEX locksmiths, we can help you with anything related to commercial security door locks. Just call us on (02) 9569 4807 and share with us your security needs.