Things You Should Know About Restricted Key Systems

Restricted Key Systems

Security solutions are a dime a dozen, yet not all of them may cover your business needs. If you’ve heard of restricted key systems, you should also know they’re one of the best ways to control who has access to certain assets, buildings, and high-security containers. Hotels, government institutions, and some hospitals use the same […]

Transponder Keys vs. Remote-Controlled Keys: What’s the Difference?

Transponder Keys

Transponder keys and remote keys have been around for decades now, yet a lot of people still confuse one with the other or believe they’re the same. To help you understand the difference between them, we’ll shed light on both types and provide helpful tips on what to do if you encounter problems with them. […]

How Can Locksmiths Help You to Buy a Commercial Safe?


Finding the right commercial safe takes time, something a lot of us feel we don’t have enough of, especially if we’re juggling multiple responsibilities or roles in a company. Instead of doing our own research and starting from scratch, it’s often smarter to talk to a knowledgeable locksmith who already knows more about commercial safes. […]