How To Choose A Business Alarm Security System?

Business Alarm Security System

To secure valuable assets, businesses need to carefully choose the right security system. Leaving money, customer data, inventory, computers, and employees unprotected could result in unbearable losses and possibly ruin a business’ reputation. You don’t want a security breach to endanger all your hard work. A good security system is their first line of defence against theft, whether internal or external. But before investing in security equipment and deciding on strategic plans for protecting their establishments, business owners need to know the right questions to ask to know how to best address them. This article will guide you through the correct process of choosing a business alarm security system.

As a matter of fact, every business is different and so different features and functions are required to better secure them. So, without further ado, below are some helpful tips.

Tips on Choosing The Right Business Alarm Security System

1. Conduct A Survey

The first step to take in finding the right security system for your business is to survey your establishment. You can conduct this survey yourself, or employ an alarm security company or consultant. Although more costly than doing it yourself, hiring a security company or a consultant will help you save time and ensures that the job is properly done.

The security review should be able to help you determine the security equipment you need, how and where you can install them, and which areas need the most protection. Here’s your security survey checklist:

  • Location of entryways and emergency exits
  • Physical features of your establishment
  • Number of employees
  • How to access the building is granted
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Operation hours and employee schedules

Listing down key points about your business will greatly influence the kind of alarm security system needed to protect your business.

2. Review Your Security Provider

Next, decide on whether you will install a security system yourself or hire an alarm security company to do the job. If you plan on a DIY, you must be sure that you are willing to put in hours of research to have a basic understanding of the system you are trying to install. Keep in mind that it will take a lot of preparation and responsibility. It might be better for you to pick a company that can expertly get the task done, freeing you up to go about your business worry-free. A reputable company will perform the site survey, recommend a suitable alarm security system, do the installation, and even maintain your security system. However, you should also determine if the security company is licensed in the state they are working and make further background checks before entrusting your establishment.

3. Decide on Surveillance Cameras

Does your business get a lot of customer foot traffic? Or do you have a lot of employees in your organisation? Then, surveillance cameras can be a huge help in securing your assets. A video surveillance system provides round-the-clock surveillance of your building, preventing break-ins and crime. It also allows you to monitor valuables that are left unattended and provide visual evidence when these items go missing. Additionally, surveillance footage can help resolve employee disputes and dishonest claims, as well as record any unauthorised access to your cash register or business security safe.

4. Determine How The System Will Be Connected

Many security companies have a professional monitoring system, which helps to coordinate a response when an alarm is triggered. It is important to find out how your system will be connected. You don’t want the system to be connected to your main phone line since expert criminals will think to cut your phone lines first. Some systems can also transmit information to the business owner’s smartphone. In this way, the owner can be alerted of the breach and he or she can check whether there was really an intrusion or if an employee just accidentally tripped the alarm. You can also check for wireless options. They are not prohibited by walls and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It will also make it easier for you to re-connect your devices in the event of relocations.

5. Get An Access Control System

Check your security provider for how they will issue access codes. Overlooking your passcode management will lead to security vulnerabilities in your establishment. Business alarm systems must have the ability to assign passcodes and update them. This will be helpful when taking in new hires and during employee dismissals. You wouldn’t want to grant access to a disgruntled ex-employee. To add, you must check for options on restricting access to highly-confidential rooms in your office.

6. Prepare for The Cost of Your Business Alarm Security System

A good business alarm security system will not come cheap. But it is an investment you have to be willing to make. Talk to your security provider to determine costs before installation, to make sure you are financially prepared for this move. You should also check if your vendor can provide proper training to avoid costly and inconvenient false alarms.

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