Car Alarms Systems

Car Alarms Systems

Are Car Alarms Systems Really Worth It?

We all want to protect our cars from thieves, burglars, and vandals, but we simply can’t keep an eye on them all day. This is why we have car alarms systems — to provide protection against crimes of opportunity.

The fact that we rely on our cars so much should help us understand the importance of vehicle security. There are those, however, who argue that car security systems don’t make a big difference in preventing car-related crimes.

So just how useful are car alarms? In this post, we explore the issues and advantages of installing security systems in our vehicles and how much they can actually make a difference.

Common issues with vehicle security systems

Paying a mobile locksmith for a car alarm installation isn’t cheap. The better the features, the higher the cost of the additional equipment and installation services. People who have the money to pay for vehicle security may even skip it, usually because they get annoyed by false alarms.

Another drawback is that while a simple alarm is more affordable, it can’t prevent theft. The thief can easily disable the alarm and get away with your belongings and vehicle.

Advantages of Installing Car Alarms Systems

Higher car resale value

Research shows that car buyers are willing to pay extra for vehicles with security systems and alarms. It’s fine if you want to give your car a new paint job, just don’t forget to throw in a quality car alarm system if you want to fetch a higher price for your car.

Mobile monitoring and control

Advanced car alarms systems can be connected to the owner’s mobile phone, providing some degree of control over the vehicle even from a distance. If the car is stolen, the owner can also send a kill signal to the vehicle to immobilise it, preventing the thief from manually driving the car.

Lower car insurance premiums

Many insurance companies offer reduced premiums for cars with an alarm system. They believe they’re less likely to be stolen or vandalised, which is true. Paying a few dollars less on your insurance premiums may not seem like much, but when added over time, that’s a lot of saved cash.

Different features to choose from

Car alarms today can have surprisingly advanced features. For instance, in the unfortunate event your car gets stolen, a tracking device that’s included in the car alarm installation can help recover it. The system can notify you and law enforcement officials of the whereabouts of the stolen car, helping them to apprehend the thieves and recover your vehicle.

A 24 hour locksmith can also install different sensors for shock, motion, and tilt. Pressure sensors are useful for car break-ins since they trigger an alarm if they sense a change in pressure, usually due to a broken window or car door that’s forcibly opened.

So should you buy a car alarm?

Risks are always there, but there are clear advantages to having car alarms systems that trump the drawbacks. After all, if they can potentially prevent theft and reduce the risk of car-related crimes, they’re already serving their purpose in improving vehicle security.