Senior Safety: 3 Car Lockout Tips For Ageing Loved Ones

Car Lockout Tips

Dementia, mobility problems, and just general forgetfulness are often the culprits whenever our aged loved ones get locked out of their homes and vehicles. Compared to other individuals, however, seniors tend to be more vulnerable to nefarious scammers and criminals when they’re locked out. While it’s impossible to have complete control over the safety and security of elderly family members, there are several car lockout tips that can reduce the dangers associated with the event.

1. Have an Auto Locksmith’s Number Ready

If you already know a reliable auto locksmith, let your elderly loved one save their number on the phone. Additionally, you may also write it down on paper and put it in their wallet or purse. That way, even if their phone battery dies, they can use a payphone to get car lockout services.

Whenever possible, always recommend companies and people you trust to your elderly loved ones if they have trouble distinguishing a reputable business from a scam (more on this in the third point).

2. Find a Safe Place to Wait

As tempting as it is for seniors to want to wait for the locksmith beside their car, they are safest when they re-enter the home or place of business they were just visiting, especially during inclement weather.

Doing so also prevents them from being targeted by criminal activity. To prevent confusion, the locksmith should be informed where the senior will be waiting, especially if it’s a place that isn’t visible from where the locked car is.

A professional auto locksmith will understand the importance of keeping your loved one safe just as long as they have a means of communicating with the senior when they arrive on site.

3. Recognise Signs of a Scam

There are companies and individuals who claim to offer professional car lockout services but are not in fact qualified to help. Your elderly loved one may not know how to spot unlicensed locksmiths and scams, which unfortunately tend to target the elderly.

The best way to protect seniors from unethical individuals is to teach them how to search for a reputable car locksmith in case they don’t have access to the one you recommend. Seniors should request to see:

  • A locksmith license.
  • A business permit to prove the company is legitimate.
  • Other accreditations to show their level of expertise and professionalism in the industry.

Following Car Lockout Tips Can Help, But It May Not Be Enough

Aside from the car lockout tips mentioned here, you may also want to invest time helping the senior to reduce the chances of getting locked out in the first place. For instance, they can use a lost car key finder if they lose their keys doing groceries or taking a stroll at the park.

If you’d like to know more car lockout tips or give your aged loved ones the best car lockout services, look no further than Apex locksmiths. When it comes to vehicle security, we provide reliable and trustworthy car lockout services to everyone, including seniors and individuals living with a disability. Call Apex Locksmiths now at (02) 9569 4807.