Where to Find Cheap Key Cutting in Sydney?

Cheap Key Cutting in Sydney

Cheap Key Cutting Is Often Better Than Rekeying!

Keys are one of the most important items we own even though we don’t give them much thought. It’s usually when we have trouble finding them, or they end up broken and unusable does it really sink in how important they are in our lives. For this post, we’ll be focusing on getting cheap key cutting services for your home, car, or office keys to reduce lockout-related stress.

What type of keys can cheap key cutting services help with?

First of all, the professionals you approach for key cutting are certified locksmiths, so always have a look at their license before you work with them.

Most locksmiths can help you get duplicates for the following types of keys:

  • Safe keys
  • House keys
  • Drawer keys
  • Filing cabinet keys
  • Padlock keys
  • Car keys

Have in mind that for car keys, not all of them can be copied. Transponder keys, for instance, need to be programmed or reprogrammed, which only a trained auto locksmith can help you with. There are also some car keys that can’t be duplicated, in which case you’ll need to request a car key replacement from either the locksmith or your car dealer.


When is key cutting Sydney better than rekeying locks?

The most obvious time to get key cutting services is before an emergency happens so you have copies that you can hide or entrust to a friend.

Rekeying is mostly used by people who want to retire their old key, which is a good idea after a burglary or if you’ve lost your keys and you’re worried your mind end up in the wrong hands.

But if you haven’t lost your keys, and you haven’t had a break-in into your home, then you are much better off just looking for key cutting Sydney.

When you finally get your copies, keep them in places that you can remember but other people won’t easily find, such as under a flowerpot in the garden or in a secret compartment on your front porch.

How do locksmiths cut keys?

For a locksmith to successfully create copies of your key, you usually need to show him the original. The locksmith has hundreds of thousands of different types of blank keys, and he’ll find one that matches what you have.

Then, he will use a key cutting machine to shape the blank key into something identical to the original key.

It usually takes a professional locksmith a couple of minutes to duplicate a standard key, while more complicated keys may take up to half an hour. This may also depend on the key cutting machine that the locksmith uses to create copies.

Trust APEX Locksmiths to Create Copies of Your Keys at an Affordable Price

Here at APEX, we want to help everyone who has a problem with their home, office, or car keys, which is why we want to keep our prices affordable. Our team of certified locksmiths can take care of any lockout problem, security system installation, or car key replacement wherever you are in Sydney. So call us now on (02) 9569 4807 for professional and cheap key cutting services.