Dulwich Hill Locksmith

Dulwich Hill Locksmith

Dulwich Hill, located just a little outside Sydney’s central business district, is a great place for young professionals with a medium level income. It is only 15 minutes away from the city with regular train and bus services. The house and rent prices are more affordable compared to other suburbs in a similar location. In recent years, the area is zoned for medium-density housing, with several blocks of flats and apartments having been built in the last forty years. Medium-density communities can provide what most people seek nowadays: access to nature and access to the community. Although far from crime-free, it is also a much safer place to live in, away from the threats of city living. If you are thinking about getting a flat or already own one at Dulwich Hill, this article will help you ensure its security.

8 Tips to Secure Your Flat in Dulwich Hill

1. Make a habit of checking your surroundings for maintenance issues

Be attentive to telltale signs of building maintenance issues like burnt-out light bulbs, broken locks or windows, poorly functioning alarms, and other security vulnerabilities. Take photos and notes of these areas. Present them to your landlord and also make sure they have concrete plans on fixing these issues right away.

2. Check the entrances

Being the first line of defence for a renter’s security in an apartment building, all entrances should have secure locks and other security features. Peepholes, CCTV cameras, key codes, and intercom systems could go a long way in deterring burglars and intruders. Make sure your landlord also has professional relationships with reliable contractors and Dulwich Hill locksmiths.

3. Check the windows

Make sure the window locks are secure from outside, properly working, and easy for you to use. Moreover, add a layer of security by adding a block out curtain or roller blinds. Keep in mind that an open window, or a see-through one, could pose as an invitation for burglars to attack your home. Keep your windows shut when you are not at home or when you are comfortably resting at night.

4. Meet your neighbours

Find people in your apartment building that you would like to get to know. Aside from having people to borrow a spatula from, being friendly with your neighbours is helpful for your safety. They can watch out for intruders and give warning of possible dangers. It’s like having free and smart security cameras all around your building. And also, in case of a car lockout problem, you could use their help in finding an auto locksmith in your area.

5. Upgrade your door locks

If your flat didn’t come with a deadbolt, be sure to install one (with the landlordʼs permission). Also, be sure to ask the landlord how often they change the keys and key codes. You don’t want to expose your apartment to past tenant access. Only you should have access to your flat and if your landlord needs to enter your unit, you need to be informed ahead of time. Furthermore, Installing additional door locks, like chain locks or a door reinforcement lock are other ways to keep your privacy and security as well. For difficult installations, make sure to contact a Dulwich Hill locksmith to help you. Just remember to let your landlord know your plan; it is, after all, still their property.

6. Consider the emergency exits

Making sure you get out in case of an emergency is just as important as preventing intruders from breaking into your flat. Watch out for posted fire escape plans, and check that your emergency exits, fire escape ladders, and windows are easily accessible from inside.

7. Invest in a safe

Owning a home safe is a good deterrent not just for burglars but also for snooping roommates and untrustworthy guests. Keep your cash, important documents, and other valuables inside. But first, ask permission from your landlord about bolting it to a wall or floor for maximum security. After all, he owns the place and you might breach the contract.

8. Get renters’ insurance

To protect the value of your belongings, it is a good idea to get renters’ insurance. Your landlord’s insurance will only cover the building you live in while your renter’s insurance policy covers personal property like furniture, electronics, clothing, possessions, and damages affected by a burglary or disaster. Check out other options as well and learn the specifics of what you can get covered.

Seek expert advice

Get in touch with a certified Dulwich Hill locksmith for advice and recommendations for your home security needs. Your locksmith will have the necessary products you need to secure your home, from door locks and surveillance cameras to security alarms and safes. Hiring them will also ensure that those products are properly installed. Having good security products and a secure installation will not only make you safe but feel at peace as well.

Following the earlier mentioned tips will help keep your mind at ease. Additionally, always remember to keep an eye and ear out for any other security vulnerabilities and suspicious activities in your building. Report them right away to your building manager or the proper authorities.

If you have other inquiries and security concerns, find reliable professionals that can service you 24/7. Call Apex Locksmiths on (02) 95694807. We also offer automotive and commercial locksmith services for your car and office security needs.