Have a Stuck Car Lock? Locksmith Services Can Help

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Various things could cause your car lock to be stuck. One thing is for certain, it’s not a nice experience and can ruin your plans for the day. Knowing the cause of the problem is the first step to fixing the issue. Complex problems, however, should be handled by professional locksmith services to avoid further complications.

Below, we share the common causes of why you may not be able to open your car lock.

4 Most Common Reasons Why Car Locks Get Stuck

1. Rust damage and dirt

A jammed lock can sometimes be caused by rust, causing physical keys to get stuck or snap as you’re applying pressure. Dirt can also accumulate in the assembly and cause a blockage, making it difficult to insert your car key.

It should be easy to see if the problem is caused by dirt or rust. Just inspect the assembly with a flashlight and look for signs of rust and small objects interfering with the keyway.

This is not something you should try to fix yourself if you’re not experienced with the lock assembly of cars. Instead, call an after hours locksmith to help you unlock your car.

2. Physical damage due to accidents

A minor collision, accident, or even a forceful slamming of a car door can lead to damage. The hook can get bent or disconnected from the rest of the lock assembly, causing the lock to remain stuck.

To identify specific damages, you’ll need to contact locksmith services. If the problem is simply that the lock is stuck in a locking position but the car door isn’t closed, this is relatively easy to fix. The challenging part is getting a stuck car door lock to unlatch and open — something a locksmith can help you with.

3. Broken connections

If any part of the mechanics such as the door handle, post, and cylinder has a broken connection, this can also lead to a car lock being stuck in the lock position, which is worse than the lock not being able to close.

This type of problem needs to be repaired immediately, especially if you need the childproofing to work properly. A reliable Sydney locksmith should be able to help with this.

4. Faulty key job

The issue may also sometimes be with the key job. Perhaps the battery is dead, which means it can’t send a signal and can make the lock seem like it’s stuck. If the problem is in the programming, you’ll need to talk to your car dealer or a certified car locksmith to have it fixed.

Next Step: Get Professional Locksmith Services to Help

Regardless if you have or haven’t identified the cause of a stuck car lock, it’s usually a smart move to hire an emergency locksmith to help you with your problem. Locksmiths have the proper tools and experience to swiftly solve the problem without causing more damage.

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