How Can Locksmiths Help You to Buy a Commercial Safe?


Finding the right commercial safe takes time, something a lot of us feel we don’t have enough of, especially if we’re juggling multiple responsibilities or roles in a company. Instead of doing our own research and starting from scratch, it’s often smarter to talk to a knowledgeable locksmith who already knows more about commercial safes.

Benefits of Buying Commercial Safes from a Locksmith

It’s easy enough to find online safes Sydney sellers, but these sellers aren’t guaranteed to be safe experts. Locksmiths, on the other hand, usually know more about or have experience dealing with safes. Below are the top advantages of working with a commercial locksmith when buying security safes.

1. Selection

A quick online search will reveal that there are more than a dozen trustworthy safe brands to choose from, such as CMI Safes Co., Guardall, and ChubbSafes. Proper selection, however, also involves evaluating your own security needs.

A locksmith can easily tell you if you need fireproof safes for home or a regular cash box, depending on the cash rating you need.

2. Installation

In many cases, after you buy safe online, that’s it. They may throw in free delivery, but you’ll likely still need to hire a locksmith for the installation or install it yourself.

Remember that burglars love poorly installed safes. If they can’t get it open, they’ll simply drag it out and open them in their own hideouts.

A professional locksmith also knows where the best locations are to safeguard safes from threats such as fire, flooding, or mould.

3. Repairs and maintenance

Another clear advantage of buying your safe from a locksmith is the assurance that this same person knows how to repair and maintain it.

There’s also a better chance that the locksmith knows where to order spare parts in case something needs to be replaced in your safe.

If your home or office is burglarised, it’s also reassuring to know that you already have after-hours locksmith’s number to repair or replace the locks in your home.

4. Customisations

Are you interested in upgrading your safe or improving its physical appeal? Guess what, a locksmith is still the perfect person to call about this.

Because locksmiths can also be certified safe technicians, they can make alterations to the interior or exterior of your commercial safes. It can be minor changes such as adding extra shelves or something as complex as installing LED lighting.

5. Safe removals

Changing homes is already a stressful ordeal. You may not have the right experience and tools to remove the safe yourself, which is why it’s often best to call an expert to help you out.

The locksmith can also offer additional services such as transferring large or small safes for home to your new location and helping you with the installation once again.

Ready to talk to a locksmith and safe specialist?

Someone who sells security safes may not know the intricacies of repairing, installing and maintaining them. So why buy your safe from a regular seller when you can get it from a certified expert who obviously knows all the ins and outs of each type of safe?

Remember that commercial safes are a big investment, and it’s better to get help from a specialist than make a blind purchase that you may end up regretting. To get in touch with a professional locksmith now, just call (02) 9569 4807.