How Do Locksmiths Open Door Locks

how do locksmiths open door locks

Getting locked out of your house, office, or car is something that could happen to anyone in the most unexpected times. You might forget your keys while rushing off somewhere and only remember them the moment you need to re-open your doors. Fortunately, you won’t need to resort to breaking your doors or windows or try uninformed and costly methods. Locksmiths can reach you quickly, unlock your door, and you’ll be back inside your property in no time! But, how do locksmiths open door locks? If you’d like to know out of curiosity or because you’d like to confirm that the person you hired is doing their job properly, here are ways a locksmith can open a locked door.

Conventional Door Locks

A locksmith is an expert when it comes to installing and manipulating locked doors. They have all the necessary tools and equipment that are needed to open any locked door. Additionally, as new technologies help make your property secure, locksmiths are also well-prepared to service modern security systems. So, how do locksmiths open door locks? Whether you own a conventional lock or a modern access control system, here are your answers to how locksmiths can unlock your door.

Bump Keys

You might have heard of bump keys before. They are one of the oldest tools used to unlock a door. These keys are designed to bypass a pin tumbler lock and break in the lock’s pin mechanism. They are effective for doors with the conventional tumbler lock, used by most houses.

Lock Picking

When opening a four-pin lock, you can apply the method of lock picking. A four-pin lock has four internal rods arranged in such a way that a certain positioning can turn the mechanism to unlock. Each rod will have a different length. To pick these locks, you have to be able to lift the four pins at once to a certain level so the mechanism will turn and unlock your door. Locksmiths have their own lock picking kit with the components needed to lift the pins to the desired height. But the process requires expertise and experience.

Cylinder Grilling

This will be at the bottom of a locksmith’s list of ways to unlock a conventional door. In this case, the locksmith will drill the cylinder strategically to unlock your door. The result will lead to a cylinder replacement or the whole new door lock.

Modern Door Locking Mechanisms


Nowadays, houses and cars have keyless entry systems. This means that programming is essential to unlocking your door. Professional locksmiths will have the knowledge and skills needed to reprogram keyless entry systems to unlock your house or vehicle door.

Key Analyser

A key analyser can also be used for more advanced entry systems. The technique helps the locksmith to precisely know the Electrical Resistance Values of your door. Once they know the code, locksmiths will use their mechanical key cutter to make the new key that duplicates the original one.

Tip: Be wary of locksmiths that will suggest a lock replacement right away. A good locksmith will try different kinds of methods to help save your existing lock before resorting to replacements.


The best solution for getting locked out of your property is to hire a professional locksmith in Sydney. Trying to manipulate your locks on your own could lead to costly mistakes and will put your property in a more precarious situation. You can search for one online by simply googling “locksmith near me” or ask for recommendations from your close friends and family. However, remember to verify the legitimacy of any locksmith you are looking to hire. Best be sure of whom to entrust your property to and receive quality service upon job completion.

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