How Much Do Security Systems For Cars Cost?

Security Systems For Cars

Many of the new vehicles you buy today come with their own built-in security system. But some vehicle owners rightfully want to invest in something that offers more than what entry-level alarm devices can provide. The question that naturally comes to mind then is how much do these security systems for cars cost?

To answer that question, you’ll need to come up with answers to three other questions first:

  1. Do you want to hire expert locksmith services to install the alarms?
  2. Are you willing to spend more to get a warranty in case of defects?
  3. Are you installing on a luxury vehicle?

From there, you’ll have a much better idea of how much money you need to spend on the car alarm systems for your specific car and security needs.

Costs When Purchasing From Retailers

For non-luxury vehicles, the cost of security systems for cars will range from $200 to $350 from an online or physical retail store. This will typically include several components such as shock sensors, a siren, a remote, a manufacturer’s warranty, and free installation.

Still, this doesn’t mean you should shy away from auto security devices that cost under $100, such as a GPS tracker. If you need something to protect your Mercedez Benz, Cadillac, or another type of luxury car, you may want to invest in car surveillance systems.

These high-end security devices include cameras and typically cost around $500 or more. Surveillance systems won’t necessarily stop the thief, but it can play an essential role in alerting you of a break-in, seeing what’s happening, and providing video evidence to the police.

Typical Cost of Installation

If the free installation doesn’t come with your purchase of an auto security system, here’s how much you can expect to pay.

One of the more affordable packages includes a fully installed system with two remote controls, a siren, an engine immobiliser, flashing indicators, a led dash light, an emergency override, a 12-month warranty, and more. This can cost around $400 for a professional installation.

If you’d like to have more advanced features installed such as an automatic diagnostic system, glass break sensors, shock sensors, central locking integration, and a two or three-point engine immobiliser, the price can go up to $600.

Further tips for car owners:

  • Research on the car alarm systems and features that are available for your specific make and model of car.
  • Hire professional security system installers for more complex auto devices, otherwise, you may end up voiding your warranty.

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