Why You Need Duplicate Keys?

Key Duplication

4 Practical Reasons Why You Need Key Duplication

There isn’t anyone out there who understands the importance of keeping spare keys, so why is it so many fail to get key cutting for important keys such as those for their house or car? Key duplication is one of the most popular services provided by a locksmith, but in our opinion, we don’t use it nearly as much as we should.

Below are reasons why getting the cheapest key cutting service can already save you from a lot of problems.

Main Benefits of Key Duplication for Homes, Offices, and Cars

1. Prevent accidental lockouts

Lockouts happen to everyone, and if it hasn’t happened to you, you can be sure that at some point you’ll experience it.

With that in mind, prepare for that possibility and reduce lockout-related stress by getting key duplication for your home and office keys.

Car lockouts are also common. While car key cutting services are often expensive, they can save you from a lot of heartache down the road. To save some cash, get car keys duplicated by a car locksmiths instead of your dealer.

2. Reduce stress from broken keys

Your keys aren’t immune to breakage. If you’ve had your keys for quite some time now, check for minor cracks in the shaft of the key. This is a sign that it might not be that far off from breaking.

Depending on how your key breaks, you might require the services of an emergency locksmith. If a part of the key breaks inside the lock, it’s highly recommended that you get professional help from a locksmith instead of prying it out yourself.

In these cases, even a spare key won’t help that much.

Spares are useful for keys you break but with no pieces stuck inside the lock, since you can naturally still use your spare to open your car door, safe, house, etc.


3. Provide access for trusted friends and family

Having too many users for one key isn’t just a hassle, it can also be dangerous. Multiple users increase the chances of those keys getting lost.

It’s often better to provide the people you trust with their own key, both in the home and at the office. If you require more robust security, access control systems are a good choice.

Make a thorough assessment of your security needs. If you find that your needs are higher, you may want to integrate several layers of protection and not just key cutting to elevate the security.

4. Get easy access in case you lose your keys

Panic and frustration are just some of the emotions you’ll experience after losing your keys. While the situation can still be annoying, you can at least reduce the stress by leaving a spare set of keys, whether it’s with a trusted colleague or concealed outside of your home.

If you have lost your keys, you shouldn’t stop at just getting the cheapest key cutting; you should also have your locks rekeyed.

Your keys may fall into the wrong hands and be used to steal your precious belongings or even harm your loved ones. So while a spare key can help you open something, you’ll need rekeying services to protect yourself against criminals.

Get the Cheapest Key Cutting Services from APEX Locksmiths

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