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Locksmiths Hurlstone Park

Locksmiths Hurlstone Park: 5 Affordable Tips To Burglar-Proof Your Home

Hurlstone Park is a suburb in the Inner West of Sydney, known for well-maintained-house family dwellings and large backyards. Oftentimes, homeowners give little attention to their backyard security, thinking that only the inside of our homes needs to be protected. Securing your backyard is just as important, especially when you consider the outdoor furniture you may have, bikes, the tools, barbeque grills, gazebos, and the overall safety of your household. Thieves like to target because they are usually left unsecured. Here are the 5 affordable tips to burglar-proof your home with the help of Locksmiths Hurlstone Park team.

1. Lighting

Whether motion-sensor or just regular ones, lights will deter thieves by exposing them. Burglars will not trespass a property where they are most likely to be seen and recognised. Installing lights at the entrances of your yard and around your outdoor valuables will alert you of trespassers and will most likely scare off intruders. If you have a large backyard, we recommend installing multiple lights to limit blind spots. Just remember to fix them away from the house to illuminate what’s outside instead of showing what’s going on inside.

2. Pick Strong Fences

The most advisable fence you can have is an iron-wrought fence. They are strong, effective, and aesthetically pleasing while providing full visibility. Though wooden fences may look pretty, they provide a cover for those that find their way to your property. You want your yard to be as visible as possible, leaving burglars out in the open. Iron wrought fenced can be a bit pricey, but they could be lifetime investments, so it’s still considered value for your money.

3. Keep Your Belongings Hidden or Locked Up

Keep your tools in a locked shed or inside your garage. Patio chairs and tables should be secured with chains and padlocks to make it difficult to move around or use them for breaking into your home. Bikes can be chained to a tree or a post, if not kept inside your garage. Common thieves lack tools to break chains and locks. They will also think twice about spending too much time unlocking your belongings. You can also try to seek professional help from a Hurlstone Park locksmith for more expert product recommendations.

4. Security Cameras

Security cameras allow homeowners to see what’s going on outside their homes in real-time. This will give them plenty of time to call the authorities. Since burglars usually ‘case’ the homes they are planning to target, they are most likely to be caught on camera. Their suspicious activities will prepare you for future intrusion. If a burglary takes place despite all your precautions, the security footage from your security cameras will also make it easier for the police to find the criminals and track down your belongings. If you are working on a budget, fake security cameras can still be helpful. Simply seeing cameras around someone’s home will scare off any potential intruders.

5. Get a Dog

Keeping a dog in your backyard will make any thief think twice about entering your property. They can quickly alarm their owners and neighbours, as well as attack any unfamiliar personalities. Aside from being known as man’s best friend, dogs are great for deterring burglars, so you might even think about getting one.

6. Post Security Signs

If you are less inclined to spend on home security systems like alarms and security cameras, you can also use security yard signs and stickers. They are effective and very affordable. You can display them in visible areas like your fence, gate, windows, and front door. Having these signs posted around your property will most likely discourage burglars from attacking your property.

PRO TIP: Find a locksmith that can offer affordable rates for your security products like alarms, motion-light sensors, and security cameras, while getting free and helpful recommendations.

Your backyard is just as important as any other part of your home. It’s better to catch thieves while they’re rummaging through your backyard than if they have successfully entered your house and could cause you and your family any harm. Keep these simple and tips in mind to help keep your property and family safe from any possible intrusions. Keep a number of a reliable residential locksmith on your speed dial to assist you in case you’re in doubt of your home security.

Locksmiths Hurlstone Park Team

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