Things You Should Know About Restricted Key Systems

Restricted Key Systems

Security solutions are a dime a dozen, yet not all of them may cover your business needs. If you’ve heard of restricted key systems, you should also know they’re one of the best ways to control who has access to certain assets, buildings, and high-security containers.

Hotels, government institutions, and some hospitals use the same system to eliminate unauthorised duplication of keys. But these days, it’s common to find a system with inclusive features designed to tighten up your business’ security even more.

What is a restricted key system?

The main purpose of a restricted key system is to prevent the creation of duplicate keys without the homeowner or business owner’s permission.

In many cases, the system is also used to secure access to buildings with multiple points of entry and is best suited for properties with multiple users and sites.

There are other advantages worth mentioning, especially for entrepreneurs, which is what we’ll discuss more in the section below.

4 Benefits of Restricted Key Systems for Business Owners

1. You can control who creates copies.

Keys in a restricted key system can only be copied by authorised individuals. Typically, only one designated locksmith can do this for the entire business, preventing other locksmiths from easily making a copy that may fall into the wrong hands.

2. You can track who makes a key.

New keys are always registered with the commercial locksmith who made them. Other relevant information such as the number of keys made and who they were issued to are also available to the company owner or administrator.

3. More control over access to sites.

Since copies of keys can’t be made and used by just anyone, this makes it easier for you to control who can enter specific areas of the business.

For instance, you may assign keys that limit access to the first floor of the building for regular employees, while your managers can have keys with access to the other floors.

4. Locks are pick-resistant.

Keys and locks in restricted key systems are specifically designed to be ‘pick-proof’ to eliminate the chances of burglars getting in.

The keys themselves have a sharper warding and the locks won’t work with just any key, so your home or business enjoys better security.

How can you implement a restricted key system?

The best way to implement a restricted key system is to contact a professional commercial locksmith with years of industry experience and expertise in providing security solutions.

Remember that only trusted Inner West locksmiths should create a restricted key system for you, and there’s a good reason for this. Since professional locksmiths follow a code of conduct and ethics, they’re the right people to trust in restricting and controlling access within your business.

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