What Are The Different Security Door Locks for Homes?

Security Door Locks for Homes

6 Different Types of Security Door Locks for Homes

Security door locks for homes play an essential part in keeping your house, belongings, and family safe. But did you know that door locks have come a long way in terms of improving home security, especially in the last 10 years? In fact, what you see at your local hardware store is just a fraction of the different options of locksets and locking mechanisms that are on the market today.

If you’re thinking of shopping around for a lock to improve the door security of key entryways of your home, knowing the different types can help you choose the best residential door locks for your needs. And in this guide, we’ll share with you 6 types that you can install for your home security doors.

1. Doorknob locks

These are the most common type you can buy. They typically have a knob on either side of the door and can feature a double or single cylinder. Double-cylinder locksets are keyed on both sides, while single-cylinder locksets can only be keyed on one side.

2. Hand lever locks

Hand levers can be a lovely addition to your home because they tend to look more elegant than a simple knob. They’re also easy to open, which makes it easy to gain access to your home if you have your hands full of groceries. The downside, however, is that they’re not as secure as other types of locks.

3. Deadbolts

Installing deadbolts, also known as deadlocks for doors, is a smart yet very simple way to give your property a boost in security. Because their internal hardware is designed to be burglar-resistant, there’s a reduced risk of forced entry. For added protection, opt for the double-cylinder deadbolts.

4. Barrel Bolt Locks

Barrel bolt or sliding bolt locks are weak if treated as your first line of defence for security doors. But when used alongside another locking type, such as a deadbolt or knob lock, they can come in very handy. Because their assembly and mechanism are simple, they also tend to be the cheapest among the different types of security door locks for homes.

5. Chain Locks

Another simple type of lock you can easily pick up at your hardware store is chain locks. They also offer very basic protection and are thus better used as an additional security measure.

Chain locks are installed on the interior side of security doors. Even if they’re not as secure as other types, they can be useful for accepting packages or telegrams while still keeping the lock in place.

6. Electronic Locks

If you’d like a keyless entry option, electronic locks may be your new best friend. They offer a convenient way to open your security doors without the use of a key. In fact, modern electronic locks can even be monitored, locked, and unlocked just from your smartphone. Just have in mind that these locks are battery powered and can also be quite expensive.

Want to Know More About Security Door Locks for Homes?

If you have questions about office locks, garage door locks, car locks, or security door locks for homes, the right people to talk to are locksmiths. APEX Locksmiths are more than happy to help you choose the best residential door locks to protect your family and belongings.