Mechanical vs. Digital Electronic Security Safes for Home: Which is Better?

Security Safes For Home

When most people think of a safe, the images that come to mind are those of fancy electronic combination wall safes used in spy movies or huge dial combination gun safes loaded with Winchesters and Colt 45s in old western films. You may be surprised to know that you won’t have such a hard time buying both types of security safes for home today. But which is really better: traditional mechanical safes or electronic ones?

If you’re planning on investing in the highest rated home safes and decide to ask a locksmith this question, you’ll receive a variety of answers and opinions. This may be due to personal preference, familiarity, and the overall experience of the locksmith. For you to better decide which of the two types you should buy, it’s important to know their pros and cons.


Mechanical Lock Security Safes for Home

Also called rotary safe locks, mechanical safe locks are the great grandfathers of modern lock types. They’ve withstood the test of time, even achieving a slightly higher status for upper-class gun enthusiasts who want no less than the most authentic and premium-looking gun safes money can buy.


  • Doesn’t require a battery to operate
  • Can last a very long time with proper care and maintenance
  • Can be cheaper than digital electronic lock safes
  • Proven to be a reliable option for safeguarding valuables since the 1800s


  • Locksmith services are required in order to set a new combination
  • Can take more time to unlock and open the safe to access the contents
  • Not suitable for people with mobility and visual problems such as the elderly and disabled
  • Providing the combination is less convenient than when using digital lock safes

Digital Electronic Safe Locks

With almost everything going digital these days, we’re not so surprised to see that locking mechanisms and security solutions have also adapted to the changing times. Even small fireproof safes can now surprise you with their many nifty security features. The term digital electronic security safes for the home can be considered an umbrella term that includes biometric lock safes, keypad combination lock safes, and more.7


  • It can take several dozens of years for a thief to guess the combination
  • Limits access to specific individuals who know the combination without the need to use a key
  • Fast and convenient access to the safe’s contents
  • Combinations can be quickly and easily changed if needed
  • If the right combination is not entered after a certain number of attempts, the safe can go into lockdown mode where it cannot be opened until the lockdown period finishes


  • Requires slightly more maintenance (changing batteries after 6-12 months)
  • More expensive than mechanical combination locks
  • Lockdown period can be annoying or may cause problems if you are in a hurry to open the safe
  • If the battery dies, you need a locksmith to help you open the safe


Sometimes having too many options for security safes for the home can complicate the whole buying process. But whether you need small fireproof safes, gun safes, or mechanical safes, it’s important to do your research first. One way you can reduce the hassle when you need to buy a safe is to talk to certified master locksmiths. Here at APEX, we can recommend and sell you the highest rated home safes at the lowest prices. For more information about our safe products, just call us at (02) 9569 4807.