The Importance Of Access Control

the importance of access control

In this day and age, where there are constant breakthroughs and innovations in technology, our need for mechanical locks is slowly diminishing. In fact, many businesses and homes are already using electronic access control systems to unlock their doors. But, what does access control really imply? Basically, access control is a method of controlling who enters a location and when. The person requesting entry could be an employee, a contractor, or a friend. They can also be on foot or driving any type of vehicle. Locations that usually require access control are apartment buildings, industrial sites, offices, homes, or even some rooms. In this article, we will learn more about it and the importance of access control.

What Is Access Control System?

Before learning why we need them, let’s first understand what access control systems are. An access control system is an electronic security system that uses an identifier to authorise people to enter certain areas. They are capable of recording who accessed which location, and when this happened. They’re extremely helpful in tracking the ins and outs of your property.

There are 5 parts of an access control system; the server, credentials/identifiers, the reader, controller, and the door lock. First, you submit your credentials to a reader. Then, the reader will send the data to a control panel, which determines if your credentials match those in the server’s database. If the credentials match the system, the control panel will send the signal to unlock the door. If the credentials are unidentified, the door will remain locked.

Types Of Access Control

  • Discretionary access control (DAC) -a means of assigning access rights based on rules that users specify.
  • Mandatory access control (MAC) -it is non-discretionary, in which people are granted access based on an information clearance.
  • Role-Based Access Control(RBAC) – grants access based on a user’s role in the building or business facility.

The Importance Of Access Control

Access control systems may seem like a huge investment. You might think, cheap mechanical locks have been used for so many years and they still work so why should you spend more on an electronic system? Well, if you own any property, there are many reasons why you might require it. Although they have the basic functions of a traditional lock and key, they can offer so much more. Here are the key benefits of access control.

1. Provides More Security

Although a conventional lock will do the job of locking and unlocking doors, it can easily break or get manipulated by an expert thief. They are also prone to damage and natural wear and tear which can make them hard to operate. At any time, you may also lose your keys or get them stuck in your lock. This could leave your door locks incapable of functioning properly which will leave your property vulnerable to crime. Furthermore, the mere presence of an access control system could scare off a would-be thief. Since access control systems log all entries, it will be easy to identify a person responsible for any loss in a restricted area.

2. Restricts Unauthorised Access

Access control systems allow you to manage who has access to where and at what time. For example, in an office scenario, you can choose to cancel an employee’s credentials once they have been terminated. This will stop them from entering your business facility, discourage theft, and maintain confidentiality among your existing employees.

3. Logs Entries And Gives Reports.

Every single access granted is logged into the system. So, you can generate reports to allow you to see who is accessing restricted areas in your building. With this, you can easily catch any individual who is not where they’re supposed to be and locate people in case of an emergency.

4. Ease of Access

A keyless system will eliminate any need to carry a bunch of keys and risk losing them. Once authorisation is given to a person, they will be able to access your property with just a swipe of a card, input of a pin, or a gentle push of a finger. There will be no need to wait for someone who has the key or a security guard to identify a visitor.

5. Save Money And Energy

Access control systems eliminate the need for security personnel to keep watch of your property. This is especially useful in a business setting, where security guards are needed to keep watch of everyone’s comings and goings. By viewing access logs, you can easily check the activities on your property. Also, modern access control systems can be integrated with lighting, heating, and cooling systems. Lights can automatically turn on when people enter a room and shut off when they leave. Temperatures can also be adjusted in rooms to save on energy costs.


The importance of access control systems offers more than just the above-mentioned benefits. Before deciding to purchase an access control system, consult with a professional locksmith technician first. They will help you identify your needs and give solid advice on which products will work best with your property.

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