Tips For Preventing Car Break-ins

tips for preventing car break-ins

Few things will spoil your day like finding out that you’ve been the victim of a car break-in. Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us. In Australia, thousands of people deal with auto break-ins every year. This is why it is highly recommended to place measures that will minimise the risk of attracting car thieves and looters. Here are some helpful tips for preventing car break-ins.

Lock Your Car Doors

Most car break-ins happen from unlocked cars. Even when you think you are safely parked in front of your home, criminals can walk over to your car and check if your car doors are unlocked. If they find an open car door, they can easily take whatever they will see inside and quickly move along without you even noticing. However, if the car door is always locked, they are more likely to leave your car alone.

Check for Open Windows

Aside from car doors, open windows can be an easy access point for car theft. A small opening in your window could be enough for a burglar to insert their arms or any tools that can open your car door. Always remember to roll all your car windows up all the way before ever leaving your vehicle unattended.

Tint or Block Your Car Windows

Tinting or putting up window shades to block the view of what’s inside your car will protect it from break-ins. If thieves cannot see any valuables from the outside, they won’t bother making an effort to open your car. This is simple and you can even do this by yourself. Just be sure to check the regulations on window tinting in your area. Aside from concealing your valuables, tint and shades will also keep a comfortable temperature for your car. Furthermore, they can reduce glare from other car lights you may encounter on the road.

Hide Your Valuables

Valuable items like wallets, smartphones, laptops, bags, and other easy to carry items usually get left in the car. If seen visibly from the outside, they will invite criminals to break into your car. If you can, take all your valuables with you whenever you get out of the car. And, if you can’t bring all your things with you, your next best option is to keep them hidden or covered. You can place them under your car seat or in your glove compartment to keep them out of sight. You can also cover them with a towel or a blanket. Even if thieves can see the covered items inside, they won’t know their value and therefore, will be less inclined to risk getting caught.

Find A Safe Place to Park Your Car

Park your vehicle in busy, well-lit areas with a lot of foot traffic. Criminals are less likely to linger in areas that will expose them. If you are leaving your car on the main road, park near a lamppost, so passers-by and the authorities can easily spot anyone who will attempt to break in your car. And, when in malls or large establishments, choose a spot closer to other cars. By doing this, thieves can be easily seen by other customers and are less likely to take their opportunity. Avoid parking in isolated or poorly-lit areas where criminal activities are less likely to get noticed.

Install A Security System

Modern car alarms can easily help you monitor your vehicle nowadays. You can get a car alarm that sends notifications to your smartphone so that you know if your car alarm has been activated. Additionally, the latest car alarms feature sensors that will sound in the event of unauthorised entry into your vehicle. Remember to also place a warning sticker on your car alarm, this will instantly make thieves think twice about targeting your vehicle.

These tips for preventing car break-ins will not guarantee that any attempts will be totally avoided. But, they can surely make a significant improvement in your security. These practices will be a lot easier to do than having to deal with the hassle of a broken window, damaged property, and filing insurance. Furthermore, it will help prevent the costly losses of valuable possessions that you might have to endure.

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