Tips on Buying a Safe

tips on buying a safe

According to the recent home invasion statistics, 20% of Australian households have experienced a burglary at some point. And, between 2018 and 2019, an estimated total of 231,000 homes experienced a break-in. As burglary cases rise, more people understand the importance of keeping their valuables in a secure location, such as a home safe. However, with the vast number of safes in the market today, it could be challenging for a first-time buyer. Enquiries such as, which type of safe is suitable for commercial use, what the best home safe in Sydney is, and what kind of security features will be most helpful, would suffice. To help narrow down your search, here are some helpful tips when buying a safe.

1. Determine the items you’d like to place inside your safe.

Before considering the purchase, it is important to know how much cash and what other valuables you’d like to secure. Knowing what to put inside will give you an idea of what type of safe you will need. For instance, if you are planning on storing a firearm along with your cash and other valuables, you will need a spacious gun safe that also complies with your state laws on gun storage. If you are looking to install a hidden wall safe for jewelleries and cash, you will need a wall-mounted home safe. Additionally, if you are using the safe for business purposes, a commercial safe, like deposit safes, will be good for making cash deposits while limiting its access.

2. Find the right size and weight.

Since safes come in different sizes, you need to check the external and internal dimensions of the safe you are purchasing. This will ensure that it can comfortably hold all the valuables you want to place inside.

As for its weight, you will need a heavier safe. Heavy safes indicate that solid steel and other sturdy materials were used to make it. They will be difficult to move and hard to crack open. Therefore, holding your items more securely.

3. Consider fire and water protection

If you have some irreplaceable documents and memorabilia that you’d like to protect, it is best to select a fire-resistant safe. Aside from protecting your valuables from theft, they will also save your belongings from fire, flood, and other unprecedented catastrophes. Consider getting a fire safe and check its fire rating. Pick the safe that can withstand fire for at least one hour. It will take a while to completely extinguish a fire. You will need a safe that can withstand heat for the longest amount of time.

4. Check the locking mechanism that will best suit you

Safe locking mechanisms are electronic, biometric, mechanical, and combination. Some safes also come with a re-locker feature. Choosing your locking system will depend on which one will give the most ease for you. Make sure that you won’t find your safe difficult to open and learn how to operate them correctly. A re-locker feature is also ideal since it will completely seal your safe if an unauthorised person tries to manipulate it.

5. Check the price tag

A sturdy safe with advanced features will come pricey. Consider your budget when choosing a safe. Get the most value for your money by making sure its features are helpful for you. A safe is an investment in your security. Assess the value of the items you are planning to place inside to determine how much you are willing to spend to secure them. Nevertheless, keep in mind that just because an expensive safe has sophisticated features, it doesn’t mean you will need them. An affordable safe will do just fine, for as long as it can successfully carry out its purpose.

In fact, this is one of the most important tips when buying a safe that you should keep in mind. Always go with the quality.

6. Find a certified brand.

Buying a safe from a reputable brand will assure you that you are getting the most value for your money. They are built to meet the strict requirements of national or international testing standards and have certifications to show for it. Also, their facilities allow them to build safes with superior quality and you can be sure that they won’t easily break when under attack.

With these shared tips when buying a safe, you are now ready to purchase a safe. However, seeking expert advice is always a good move. If you have more questions or interested in purchasing one, call Apex Locksmiths on (02) 95694807 today. Whether you are planning to buy a heavy-duty commercial safe or simply purchasing a home safe, we can assist you with your security needs. We will be right with you, from answering your enquiries to product installation.