Tips On Where To Install Security Cameras

Tips On Where To Install Security Cameras

Upon buying a security system, keep in mind that correct placement is critical when considering where to install your security camera. This will allow the use of their maximum capacity for your security needs. Even if you have the best security camera system, installing them in random areas could lead to creating blind spots and limit your footage. If you have a limited number of camera units, it’s best to know which areas are perfect for their purpose. But how do you identify which areas need the most surveillance? And where should you place them? To answer these questions, here are some tips on where to install security cameras.

1. Front, Back, and Side Doors.

The easiest way to access your property is of course through the doors. Place exterior cameras above or adjacent to any doors that lead into your home. This will also keep you aware of all the comings and goings in your household. Security does not just mean keeping people out, it could also mean keeping your family, especially teens and young children under the protection of your home.

2. Well-lit Areas

Make sure there is adequate light in the area you want to survey. Otherwise, the camera might not be able to pick up identifying details of any intruder. This is important to make it easy for you to recognise who is trying to get into your property so you don’t make rash actions in case it’s just your family or a friend. In case of a burglary, your surveillance footage can also be admissible as evidence if the person is easily identified. Make sure the light is consistent. To take your home security systems a notch higher, you can also consider a night vision capable CCTV camera to aid you with your needs.

3. Driveways

Aside from the possibility of a burglar entering through your garage, driveways are also a good location to check out your property. Most burglars will park or stand near your driveway where it’s near enough to observe the activities in your house, yet far enough for them to go unnoticed. If you have a security camera placed near your driveway, this will scare them off and also help you detect suspicious activity. Your driveway camera can also help you watch over your children who are playing near the street.

4. Hidden Entry Points

Less obvious entry points like off-street and basement windows will give any intruder perfectly discreet access to your home. Although usually locked and seldom used, position your cameras to watch these areas too. Make it a habit to check these areas for lock maintenance and make sure that your cameras are always working. A break-in through these areas makes a lot of sense but is surprisingly still unexpected, leaving homeowners caught off-guard.

5. Near Your Valuables

Installing a security camera near your home safe or where your valuables are is very important to make sure that you are kept aware of who is responsible for theft or burglary. Internal theft is fairly common and your cash and jewellery could be taken by any of your family members. Moreover, having untrustworthy friends and visitors could also lead to property loss. Your security camera will be able to identify and alert you in case this happens.

We hope these tips on where to install security cameras will be helpful for you. Just remember to make sure your cameras are placed out of reach and can’t be easily destroyed. Bolt them securely to your wall and make sure the wires are in a conduit. If you are using a wireless security system, make sure that your wifi is working consistently. Finally, keep your security cameras angled in such a way that you can clearly see the facial features and identifying marks of the people entering your home.

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