Why You Should Install Video Surveillance System?

Video Surveillance

Key Reasons to Install a Video Surveillance System in Your House or Apartment Complex

Video surveillance systems are effective security products that keep homes, businesses, and commercial facilities safe, yet they’re equally useful when installed in an apartment complex. Investing in the best outdoor security camera system ensures the tenants who live in the building — and their guests — that you can monitor the day-to-day events, thus making everyone feel safe and secured.

If you have yet to install security cameras and would like to be convinced of their usefulness, below we share the best reasons to have them for your building.

1. Video Evidence of Criminal Activity

Compared to witness testimonies, video evidence is far more reliable. Having a surveillance camera can also help to identify suspects immediately, which can speed up an arrest.

While no one wants to be targeted by burglars and delinquents, being prepared for these events reduces stress and confusion, especially when determining the next steps to take.

2. Injury Evidence

Aside from providing evidence of criminal activity, having a CCTV camera can also play a role in liability cases where a visitor or tenant suffers from an injury within the property.

The video evidence can paint a better picture of what really happened and if the case has any merit, compared to just relying on someone’s words.

3. Remote Monitoring

Who doesn’t want to be able to check in on their security system from the beaches in the Maldives or from an overseas business meeting?

Having the best outdoor security camera system installed by a professional Sydney locksmith lets you get a high-definition feed from the indoor camera or outdoor WiFi camera wherever you are in the world. Nifty, right?

4. Theft Deterrent

Security cameras are an effective theft deterrent in and of themselves. The trick is to install them in places that are visible enough to discourage potential thieves.

While simply having a video surveillance camera doesn’t actively prevent a crime from taking place, it does tell burglars that your apartment complex might be more protected than it looks.

5. Boost Curb Appeal

Safety is always an important consideration for many residents when choosing where to live, so you’ll likely enjoy better occupancy in your apartment complex with security cameras.

Having an outdoor camera that’s visible enough for prospective tenants will encourage them to inquire about your property. In fact, they’re usually willing to pay more for this invaluable amenity, so make sure you highlight this security advantage.

Moreover, increasing the safety of the complex can also lead to longer tenures for existing tenants, especially for families with seniors and/or young kids.

Video Surveillance Should Be an Essential Part of Your Apartment’s Security System

Have you made up your mind to install security cameras? If so, good for you. It’s one of the best investments you can make for your apartment complex.

Here at APEX, we can help you with any WiFi camera, indoor camera, or CCTV camera you’d like to have installed in your property. Our certified residential locksmiths on speed dial can also help you choose the best outdoor security camera system, with high-resolution video surveillance and remote monitoring for your convenience.