Why Realtors Need a 24 Hour Locksmith on Speed Dial?

24 Hour Locksmith

Part of being a realtor is knowing how to use all available resources to successfully help a client find a home or office that fits them best. So, it pays to assemble those key resources together ahead of time, starting with finding a reliable 24-hour locksmith.

Here are four big reasons why having an after-hours or emergency locksmith on speed dial is a great idea if you’re a real estate agent.

1. Quickly take care of broken locks and keys

Whatever kind of lock or key you’re using for your property listings, you can trust a 24 hour locksmith to know how to deal with it.

Obviously, it isn’t a good idea to sell a home to potential buyers if you know the locks on the doors or windows are faulty. Eliminate the security risks by having a locksmith on speed dial and make sure to replace those old locks with quality ones.

2. Deal with lockouts like a champ

Imagine showing potential buyers or renters around a property and you find out you can’t get inside a specific area or room. What an awkward situation.

Fortunately, you can take this as an opportunity to show clients your impressive level of preparedness. You can casually take out your phone and call the locksmith on speed dial, effectively dealing with the lockout as it was just another ordinary day.

3. Fix everything up before the client comes

Instead of opening jammed doors in front of clients, the best way to introduce them to a property listing is to show them how wonderful the place is, minus the door or window trouble.

So, if you have the time for it, ask an emergency locksmith to take care of any lock or security issues they find around the place. Remember that a locksmith doesn’t just deal with broken locks or keys — they’re also the perfect person to call if you need to identify areas of the home that are prone to burglaries so you can improve security.

4. Get around the clock support

What better way to get peace of mind than to know that you have someone who can help you if you get locked out of your car or house regardless of what time it is?

An emergency locksmith that’s available around the clock is great for business. They’re there to save the day even if you’re locked out at midnight or three in the morning while you’re grabbing a few drinks with a client.

Moreover, the faster your problems get resolved, the better you’re able to get on with your day. This is why it pays to have a Sydney locksmith on speed dial even before an emergency happens.

Every realtor needs a 24 hour locksmith

Granted, you don’t have to keep the number of a reliable 24 hour locksmith on speed dial, but there’s no denying that doing so can help you gain more success as a realtor. Do you need locksmith services today? Let our team at APEX locksmiths help you. Just call (02) 9569 4807 and we’ll have an emergency locksmith at your location as soon as possible.