Why Would You Need A Residential Locksmith on Speed Dial?


It’s hard to fully appreciate the job of a locksmith until we find ourselves needing the services of one. Everywhere in our homes are doors, windows, and drawers that have locks that we don’t pay that much attention to. Certain situations, however, warrant the help of a trusted residential locksmith.

Here, we cover the 6 best reasons to keep a professional locksmith Sydney on speed dial so you can deal with home security situations faster and stress-free.

1. You’re moving into a new house.

After all the hustle and bustle of moving into a new home, you’d expect your worries to be over. That’s not always the case. You can’t know for sure if someone made copies of your door keys and they ended up in the wrong hands.

With an Inner West locksmith on speed dial, you can ask him to replace your locks, or at least rekey them so you won’t have to worry about security in your new home.

2. You’re moving into an apartment.

Living in an apartment can be a lot of fun. You don’t have to think about mowing the lawn, and you’re not responsible for the plumbing maintenance. Since you’re moving into a living space that had a previous tenant, however, it means there could be copies of the keys that weren’t turned over.

To eliminate your security concerns, the residential locksmith Sydney can change the locks or have them rekeyed so you get peace of mind knowing you’re the only one with the key to your front door.

3. Your keys got stolen or lost.

One of the most common calls locksmiths get is related to lost or stolen keys. In both situations, there’s a risk that someone who has the keys may enter your home without your permission with the intent to steal.

Because this could happen at any moment, don’t wait to call an emergency locksmith to have new keys made or have the locks replaced or rekeyed.

4. Your key broke.

Due to time, use, and metal fatigue, your key will eventually wear out and break — it’s inevitable. A key that breaks off inside the lock, however, is a problem that requires the help of a professional locksmith.

You’ll have trouble prying the broken piece out yourself and you may even end up damaging the lock. To prepare for these situations, always keep a locksmith Sydney on speed dial so they can rush to your help.

5. Your lock is damaged.

Locks are not impervious to wear and tear. After a while, they’ll fail too and someone may take advantage of their poor condition to gain access to your home.

Another possible scenario is that your key may not even work with your lock anymore. Regardless if you’re using the lock often or not, have it replaced if you feel it may inconvenience you or compromise your home’s security.

6. You’re locked out.

We’ve all been there — we step outside for a quick errand or to fetch the mail, and the door suddenly slams shut behind you. You try to open it but the handle won’t turn. You’re locked out.

This is perhaps the best reason to have a locksmith Sydney on speed dial, assuming you carry your phone with you at all times. Just whip out your phone, wait for the locksmith to arrive, and you’ll have your door opened within mere minutes.

Don’t hesitate to call a residential locksmith for all your lock and key concerns

Apex locksmiths are here to help homeowners such as yourself with any issue that involves locks, keys, and even home security systems. We’ve helped hundreds of customers with the situations mentioned above. So, if you need a professional residential locksmith, don’t hesitate to call (02) 9569 4807.