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Looking for a locksmith in Marrickville? Apex can help! Our team of fully trained locksmiths in Sydney offer a wide variety of residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services.

We’re proud to have been offering locksmith services in Marrickville since our company was first formed. We’ve gotten to know the area and, as we’re only a short drive away, can get to you in minutes, not hours.

Our team are fully trained master locksmiths. We take great pride in a job well done and will ensure that your job is completed without a hitch. You can trust Apex for a simple, no fuss experience. We provide an obligation-free quote before any work is completed and you can be assured you won’t be presented with any hidden or unexpected expenses.

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    Marrickville is a diverse suburb with lots to offer for anyone looking to purchase a property, whether residential or commercial. However, it is not without its dangers. This is why it is important to make security a top priority. Criminals and intruders come in the most inopportune moments. It’s best to always be prepared. Apex Locksmiths is here to ensure that you won’t fall victim to burglary or harm.

    We’ve proudly served residents and businesses in Marrickville since our company was first formed and are familiar with all the security needs of the area. Our fully trained master locksmiths can offer a quick and no-fuss experience at affordable costs and with no hidden expenses. We will evaluate your situation, consider your needs and preferences, give you a fair quote, and provide you with incomparable service.



    Your home should be a safe haven that should allow you to relax after all the stress and complexities you face during the day. However, if your house doesn’t have a reliable security system, you can never totally feel at ease. Apex Locksmiths can prevent burglars and intruders from getting into your home. Our team can inspect your doors, windows, and other passages to make sure that no one without a key can gain access to your property. We can also help you install advanced security devices such as burglary alarms, fire alarms, intercom systems, CCTV surveillance systems, and other systems that can further secure your home. And, if you ever find yourself locked out of your own home, just give us a call and we’ll help you unlock your door in a few minutes.


    Running a business in Marrickville can be a stressful but rewarding experience. However, with so much you need to pay attention to, you might lose sight of some basic priorities such as your building’s security. Apex Locksmiths can help take care of your company’s safety and security concerns. Aside from providing basic services like key duplication, rekeying, and fixing locks, we can also help you add access control systems, keyless entry, CCTV surveillance systems, and other devices that will guarantee the safety of your sensitive data, employees, and investments.


    Rarely do we think we’d require a locksmith’s help in our car troubles. In most cases, your dealership or car mechanic can solve all the issues that involve keeping your vehicle in order. However, when it comes to losing your car keys or getting locked out of your car, your locksmith is the best person for you to call. While your dealership can replace your keys and a towing service can safely take your car out of the road, only an experienced auto locksmith can help you quickly get back on the road.
    You can call Apex Locksmiths any time of the day, wherever you may be. Our friendly staff will promptly answer your call and give you a quick solution to your vehicle security concern. They’ll also give you a timeline on the job you require and helpful advice on what to do while waiting for assistance.


    If you’ve just been a victim of theft or if you believe your property’s security has been compromised, call your trusted locksmith immediately. Our experts at Apex are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can count on us to heed your call whenever necessary. We can change your locks, add more security measures, and check your home or office for vulnerabilities. After we’re done, you won’t have to worry about falling victim to criminals ever again.

    Having peace of mind is one of the most valuable achievements you can have. Apex Locksmiths can help ensure that your Marrickville home, business, or car is always secured, reducing your worries and helping you enjoy life more. For further information and a reasonable quote, please call us at (02) 9569 4807.


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    Apex Locksmiths specialises in providing professional locksmith services to homes and businesses in Sydney. Our team of licensed and qualified locksmiths is committed to offering reliable and efficient services.

    At Apex Locksmiths, we offer an extensive range of services, which includes residential and commercial access control systems, intercom systems, fireproof safes, and security alarms. We also have an online store where you can buy safes and anti-bump locks.

    Our passion lies in providing top-notch security solutions to ensure that our clients can conduct their daily operations and lives feeling safe and secure. We continuously strive to improve our services by adapting to the latest security technology and staying updated on industry trends. With Apex Locksmiths by your side, you can trust that we will prioritise your safety and satisfaction above all else.

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    Apex Locksmith Sydney Team