House Alarm Installations by Apex Locksmiths, Sydney NSW

We like to keep you informed of ways to ensure maximum safety, peace of mind & to minimise long-term costs. Listed are some tips to keep in mind for the home, work, safes & your vehicle. For more security advice, call us on 1800 44 55 66.

At Home

  • Accredited locksmiths have a security licence, whereas a builder’s licence number has less than 9 digits, and is not a security licence
  • Quality window and door locks, safe and home alarm systems all work to better safeguard your home
  • Locks should be re-keyed immediately if keys go missing or are stolen
  • Install a restricted key system
  • Whilst at home, deadlocks should not be key-locked from the inside, in an emergency you can’t make a quick exit
  • Lock all windows, doors & other access areas every time you leave, even if momentarily. Also, keep your premises secured whilst at home
  • Ensure your house alarm installation is done by a qualified, professional locksmith, and is regularly tested.

At Work

  • Security gates, windows & doors, as well as safe & alarms work together to best protect your business
  • An alarm system with back to base monitoring may be viable if not already in place
  • Locks should be re-keyed immediately if keys go missing or are stolen
  • Install a restricted master key system
  • Authorised signatories of restricted keys should be kept to a minimum
  • Record which staff members have restricted keys & the key number/s they have
  • Retrieve restricted keys held by staff leaving your workplace


  • Safes with a high fire rating best protect cash, valuables & documents
  • Insurance approved safes are recommended
  • Can’t open your safe? Safes should be serviced by a safe technician
  • Safe removal/relocation is best carried out by a safe removalist
  • Before you buy a safe, you should consider:what is being stored & its dollar value
  • which locking mechanism is required (eg: digital keypad, key operated etc)
  • where will the safe be kept (eg: bolted to a concrete floor, in the wall, etc)
  • whether the safe is fire resistant, if so, for how long (eg: up to an hour, 3 hours etc)
  • whether the safe is insurance approved, if so, what insurance rating is available
  • size of safe

Your Vehicle

  • Replace worn keys, otherwise a well-worn key may cease to work, damage the lock or snap in the lock
  • Lost car keys? Record the ‘key code’, which should be in log books, if not, one of our locksmiths can read it from your key. Keep the ‘key code’ handy in a safe place, but not in your car. With this code number, keys can be accurately cut
  • Always have a spare key. Although keys for modern cars are expensive as it involves key cutting and programming immobiliser technology, it is much cheaper than having to re-program your car onto a new key, which can cost thousands if you lose your car keys

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