Cost to Hire a Locksmith


If you have been locked out of your car or home or needed your locks changed, then you understand the importance of hiring a professional locksmith. Locksmiths can also help you determine the vulnerabilities in your home, car, or office, and help you get the best security devices to protect your family, employees, and valuables. They have sufficient knowledge, skills, experience, and tools to access and secure your home, office, or car without causing any issues. However, enlisting professional locksmith services can be expensive. If you’re wondering ‘How much does a local locksmith cost?’, this article is for you.



Many people are hesitant about hiring locksmiths because they are under the impression that enlisting the help of professionals will be very expensive. While installing or fixing locks on your own is definitely a lot cheaper, there are certain situations you might not be able to handle on your own. This is why it’s important to have an idea of the costs expected when your security issue demands the assistance of qualified professionals.

So, how much is a locksmith in Sydney? The cost to hire a locksmith in Sydney will depend on a variety of factors, including the type of job you require, what time of day you call them, how experienced they are, and the cost of their products. On average, locksmiths in Australia can cost anywhere from $20 to $350. At the lower end of the scale are jobs like rekeying and key duplication, which can cost around $20 to $50. More complex jobs such as will cost anywhere from $180 to $350, depending on the locksmith you’ve chosen.

Locksmith rates will also depend on the time of the day you’re calling. If you need your locksmith during business hours, you’re most likely to pay a call-out fee of around $110. If you require their help after-hours, this price will increase depending on how late it is. Weekends and services from 9:00 pm to 12:00 during the week can amount to $150 – $200. After midnight, the call-out charge can get as high as $300. Again, this will depend on your chosen locksmith and the type of job you want them to do.



Because a professional locksmith can make a job look easy, you might be wondering what warrants such a high cost. Below are some factors that affect the price of locksmith services.


Similar to other types of repair service professionals, locksmiths have an insurance policy that covers them in the event that something goes wrong. It means they have to pay insurance premiums to provide their client with the best possible service. While you may be able to save money by hiring a locksmith who isn’t insured, you won’t be protected if something goes wrong and your lock or security system ends up broken while they do the job.


Locksmiths are expensive because they can successfully complete complex jobs that require training and expertise to perform. As locks become more advanced, they also require locksmiths to learn how to install and repair them. That training will take time, money, and energy, so they increase the price of the complex service.


Locksmiths can get expensive if the service takes a long time, and they’re paid by the hour. If you need them to perform tasks that require a series of steps and a lot of concentration, like lock installation and repairs, you can expect the service to be more costly.


The distance between you and the locksmith can also increase the price of their service. If you live in the countryside, it might be difficult to find a professional locksmith near you. A reliable locksmith will need to travel far to assist you. This means they will need to spend on fuel and take some time to travel. So, they’ll need you to help cover their expenses. Locksmith costs could even get higher if they have to make additional trips back to their office to fetch more tools and security products.


Reputable locksmiths keep their offices open 24/7, and that type of convenience comes with an added cost. Because they have team members ready to respond to your call anytime, even during holidays and in bad weather, they will need higher compensation. This advantage is particularly useful when getting locked out of your car late at night and in the middle of nowhere, or changing locks after a burglary has taken place in your home.


Professional locksmiths went to technical school and attend training to be able to provide you with a reliable service. They’ve been taught how to deal with different security issues and can think of the best solutions on the spot. Because they’ve invested in school and special training, they need to set their prices at the rates they deserve.


Locksmith tools don’t come cheap and they need to add that to the price of their services. Whether your lock is mechanical or electronic, it requires special tools to repair, replace, or install it. It doesn’t matter if your locksmith has been in the business for several years or has just started providing their services, they will always need more tools. Aside from having to purchase the latest tools that will make their jobs easier, they also need to pay for maintenance and wear and tear costs of using their old tools. By keeping their prices high enough, they will have the money to buy new or replacement tools to ensure that the job will be done quickly and efficiently.



Now that you have an idea about locksmith prices, your next question is probably ‘Can locksmiths be trusted?’ Professional locksmiths coming from reputable companies work to gain the trust of their clients. While they are expected to have higher rates, they can also guarantee fast and efficient work with long-lasting results. Licensed locksmiths will do their best to keep your property safe from burglars and intruders. So, you can go about your day without any worries.

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