What Are The Types Of Locks, And Where Are They Used?

types of locks and where are they used

Different lock types are better suited to certain scenarios around the home and workplace. Apex Locksmiths can assist with locking devices requiring service, replacement or upgrades.


What are leading types of locks?

Knob locks are preferred interior locks for homes and offices. The locking mechanism is in the knob, making it unsafe for external locks as it can be forced.

Commonly used: In residential and commercial settings.

Padlocks are versatile, transportable, and generally designed with key or combination access. Some keyed padlocks do not allow for rekeying.

Commonly used: To secure restricted items or property access.

Deadbolt locks come as single (keyed one side), double (key access both door sides), combination (thumbturn on inside of door), and vertical (lock motion).

Commonly used: For securing doors against forced entry.

Keypad locks have a keypad to enter access code. May incorporate other types of locks into design. Comes in cheaper mechanical or complex electrical.

Commonly used: On exterior doors as trusted door lock types.

Smart/Electronic locks offers locking tech choices such as multiple code entries and smart system connection. Talk to our specialists about integration.

Commonly used: In secure areas, enabling swipe and fob entry.

Cam locks are cylindrical, and keyed is standard, with a cam (a bar) that rotates to enable the lock. Designs include varying rotations and keyless options.

Commonly used: In lockers, furniture, and filing cabinets.

Mortise locks are a form of optimal cylinder locks. Elements are screwed within the door or structure. (Mortise references a rectangular hole cut.)

Commonly used: For front doors and sliding door locks.

Handle Lever locks are loved for ease of use. Not suited to exteriors, but accepted interior choices, especially as the handle can be easily replaced.

Commonly used: Across residential and commercial environs.

Europrofile cylinders span a few locking versions. Favoured in Europe, easy to replace, and can be combined with other lock mechanisms.

Commonly used: On apartment and home doors, and in handles.

Styles of locks are wide-ranging. For example, types of folding knife locks include slide bar locks and frame locks (for starters). Apex Locksmiths can help with every locking need.


What are the 4 types of lock?

The majority of lock types fall under these categories:

  • Padlock
  • Deadbolt
  • Knob Locks
  • Levers

Note: Your padlock can come with a raised should designer, to inhibit bolt cutting.


What are the most popular types of locks?

It really depends on your needs. Traditionally, dead bolts are extremely popular and cost-effective. Knob locks are among well-known types of locks for internal doors.

Locks that rely on tech, or combine keyed locks with technology are increasingly installed as security becomes more sophisticated, especially in commercial settings.


What is the best type of lock and why?

Various bodies around the globe offer official ratings and standards to give an indicator of a lock’s performance. Our Certified Master Locksmiths can explain these options.

A lock offering high security costs more, making budget a factor. Deadbolts are widely trusted for home use. Padlocks are not fixed to one locale, making them useful.


Let us help you lock up

This is only a sample of locks on the market. For advice on different types of locks, contact Apex Locksmiths in Sydney to ensure an informed security decision.