Key Cutting Facts That You Should Know 

all things you need to know about key cutting

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably had to deal with a locked door at some point in your life. And, if you don’t have a spare key available, you’ll have to find someone who can help—which can be time-consuming and expensive. 

But there’s an easier way: Apex Locksmith offers key-cutting services so that you always have an extra set of keys on hand whenever needed. You can keep them in your wallet, your garage, or with someone who you trust. This can mean a lot of time and money saved while also avoiding unnecessary stress and anxiety. 

At Apex Locksmiths, we offer key cutting services for all types of keys. We use the latest technology to ensure that our customers get the highest quality product possible, at an affordable price. Our expert locksmiths are trained to handle any type of lock and key issues that may arise during the process, so you don’t have to worry about anything but getting back inside your home or car as quickly as possible! 



Instead of purchasing new keys and having their door locks entirely replaced, many choose to have their keys cut. Those that consider changing their locks end up realising that it is not only is the process tedious, but it can also be expensive. With key cutting, the service is easier, faster, and cheaper. Here are the other reasons why it is important to cut your keys: 


Helpful in emergency situations 

Key-cutting services are beneficial if you had some accidental lockouts in the past. Lockouts can happen to anyone. It only needs a quick moment of absent-mindedness, and you can be stranded outside your house or office. 


Avoids damages 

Another reason you may want to have spare keys through a key cutting service is to maintain the original keys. Using them every day can increase wear and tear. When you have a spare, you can switch the keys you use to prevent damage to the original. 


More convenient 

Finally, if your key has snapped, the easiest way to replace it is not to go to your nearest store to buy a new one. You can go to a key cutter in your area to get the situation fixed. You may not have the original key back, but you will have the same copy. 

Keys can break easily because they are not intended to withstand the strain you put on them with regular use. Sometimes, the keys may not function like they used to. You can take them to a key cutter before they break. 



Cutting keys doesn’t seem to be a complicated task. This explains why so many inexperienced people try to DIY the procedure, particularly when using a key cutting machine. So, if you decide to handle it yourself, here are some crucial suggestions: 


Know the type of key you are working on 

You need to know which type of key you need before you start cutting. There are many different types of keys and each one has its own unique features that make it distinct from other types of keys. The first step is identifying what kind of key you need before you cut it.  

Regular and high-security keys are the two primary categories of keys. Regular keys may often be made anywhere, including your house or business. These regular keys are mortise (Chubb) and cylinder (Yale) locks. 

Meanwhile, high-security keys are more complex. They are used in circumstances where high security is required, as the name suggests. Often, these keys are installed in houses, commercial spaces, and warehouses, among others. 


Use the correct blade size for your key 

The blade size determines how many teeth will be removed from each side of your key and how deep those teeth will be removed from the key’s surface when it is being cut. When choosing a blade size for your key, keep in mind that larger blades will cause more damage to your key than smaller blades since they have more teeth and can remove more material from each side at once (which means that they are more likely to cause damage if they slip while cutting). 


Make sure you have the correct blank 

The blanks come in different types of metal, and it’s important to know which type of metal you need before you start cutting. 

You can find out what type of metal your key uses by looking at the tag on the key or checking with the manufacturer. If you don’t know what type of metal your key uses, then you’ll need to test a few different kinds until you find one that works. 

If you use the wrong blanks, then you may not be able to get your key to fit into the lock correctly. This could mean that your key won’t open your lock at all. 


Use the right tool for the job 

Make sure you have the right key-cutting machine for your specific key. Most modern key-cutting machines are designed to work with standard keys, but some are more advanced and can even cut other types of metal or plastic. If you are not sure which one will work best for your needs, ask a technician or salesperson at a local hardware store. 

If you don’t have access to a key-cutting machine, consider calling a locksmith instead of purchasing one yourself. A professional will be able to cut your key correctly and make sure it fits perfectly in your lock without causing damage or problems later. 



While it can be tempting to cut keys on your own, it’s best to leave this task to professional locksmiths. This requires a very precise process that requires many different tools and skill sets. If you mess up even once during the process, you could end up damaging the lock or losing your original key completely.  

Locksmiths have access to special machinery that makes it possible for them to make high-quality copies of existing keys quickly and easily. And because they use these tools every day, they can do so with precision and accuracy unlike anything an amateur could ever achieve on their own.  

So, save your sanity and make everything simpler by going to a trusted locksmith. “Why,” you ask? Here are the reasons: 


Locksmiths are trained professionals

Professional locksmiths have spent years honing their skills and know exactly what they need to do when cutting keys. They know exactly how much metal goes into each key and how much pressure is needed at each step along the way. Additionally, they also have experience with different types of locks and can make recommendations for which locks work best for each application. 


Locksmiths work faster 

Since locksmiths are professional, they know exactly what they need to do when cutting keys. You may expect the new key to be available in just a few minutes and cutting simple household keys just takes a few seconds. You can’t achieve this unless you learn the right method of locksmithing. 

However, it may take up to 25 minutes or an hour to create a more complicated key. If you do this task by yourself, it could take you more than a day. You’ll waste not just your time but also key blanks. So, it’s better to go straight to a professional locksmith rather than attempting to do it by yourself. 


DIY key cutting has a high error rate 

When you cut your own keys, there’s no guarantee that they’ll fit into your lock. You could end up wasting time and money by having to replace multiple copies of the same key before finding one that works properly. It’s just not worth it when the outcome is so much worse than if you’d just gone to a professional. 


Locksmiths are specialists 

Key cutting requires specialised skills and expertise, including familiarity with both locks and keys. To determine how the keys fit in the lock, the locksmith will examine it first to see how it works. 

For instance, there are some guidelines to follow to achieve the best outcome if the lock is a pin-tumbler kind. With this, you should avoid making the profile with a thin universal key because it may quickly cause a faulty key, which can also cause harm.  

Another issue is that the short keys may increase the likelihood of the top pins entering the barrel chamber and causing a seized lock. That is why a proper key blank should be utilised and only professional locksmiths have a variety of blanks on hand. 


Locksmiths know about legal considerations 

Key cutting is not against the law. However, there are certain rules you need to follow. There are people who do not want to go to a professional locksmith for fear that their security might be compromised. After all, you must give your key to a stranger to copy it. Fortunately, locksmithing services are all confidential. When you go to a professional locksmith, your identity and your key cutting requirements will be safe. All records of your systems are kept on the premises and will be stored in the most secure condition, and no one can access this information. 



We know how important it is to have a spare key on hand in case of an emergency. That’s why we provide key-cutting services at Apex Locksmiths. We want to make sure you can get back into your home, office, or vehicle quickly and easily. 

All you need to do is bring your key to our shop and allow us some time to develop a new one for you. If it’s a traditional key, it will only take a few minutes for us to get the job done. And even if your key happens to be more sophisticated like a Transponder Key such as a fob with built-in transponder chips, we can still quickly cut you a new one. 

Apex Locksmiths is a leading name when it comes to providing excellent key-cutting services in Sydney. Our locksmiths are trained and experienced in creating all types of keys, no matter how modern or complex they are. We understand how critical it is for you to have access to your property during an emergency and that’s why we provide quality workmanship every step of the way! 

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