Access Control for Locksmiths


Trust the experts when selecting an access control system for your residence or business.

As 1 of 5 businesses in Australia chosen to supply the new Access Control System Incedo Lite, Apex Locksmiths have a reputation for expertise in security technologies—which is why companies and individuals across NSW rely on us.


Why an access control system?

Do you have security practices in place that have yet to be integrated as a whole? Quality access control systems save time and energy, allowing your team to more easily monitor and regulate a spectrum of security solutions.

Introducing new security measures—or streamlining existing ones—may seem overwhelming, but these innovations are designed for easy application and premium protection, providing a transformative service.


Popular forms of access control

Take advantage of evolving technologies. Switching from keys or mixing key access with electronic options like swipe cards, smartphone, biometric identifiers (face or voice recognition) and keypads increases convenience.

If digital surveillance or an intercom system are installed, our team can assist with system integrations. Our expert care ensures new electronic access controls work seamlessly with current security protocols at your home or office.


Understanding the options

At Apex Locksmiths, we offer access control systems developed by reputable local and international lock brands. We enable simple control over your security, including options like instant alarm notification, and usage reports.

Access control systems limit who gets in, but also allow you to control and track internal movements within your company, and home. We know the ability to adjust and restrict access to certain areas at certain times matters.


Access Control System Incedo Lite

Incedo’s reputation for excellence means we’re excited to offer such access gems as Incedo Lite, a stand-alone on-site option that simplifies security administration. Managing and tailoring your security has never been so simple.

As a stand-alone solution, Incedo Business Lite offers an incredible range of features, and laptop, mobile or tablet configuration. System limitations for Incedo Lite include a maximum of 1,000 cardholders, and up to 32 doors.


Statistics and trends

With flexible arrangements and hybrid workforces on the rise, access control systems facilitate easy management of individual security needs. Changes to employee and site security are simple when using a well-designed system.

According to Statista, smart security is one of the strongest growing segments of internet connected devices in Australian households. Australia sits in the upper ranking of selected countries for burglary rates per 100,000 inhabitants.


Trusting Apex Locksmiths

Every business and home faces unique security requirements. As experienced certified master locksmiths located across Sydney and surrounding suburbs, we help you select, install, and maintain security access control systems.

We have a large range in stock, also sourcing special requests, and Apex technicians keep budget in mind when making recommendations. Introducing up to date security technology to your premises leads to user friendly solutions.

Security for your home, or for commercial locations impacts everything from performance, to insurance. Our professional locksmiths have the knowledge you need to make smart, informed decisions. Let’s talk custom security soon.