Can an After Hours Locksmith Help Me Unlock My Car?

How After Hours Locksmith Help Me Unlock My Car

It’s hard to imagine something more annoying and frustrating than getting locked out of your car. Because of the latest advances in technology, the locking mechanisms of cars have also grown more complex, and you almost always need to hire an after hours locksmith to bail you out of the situation.

There can be many reasons why you end up locked out of the car. Usually, it’s when you’re caught in the following situations:

  • The keys were left inserted in the ignition or in the trunk
  • The keys broke in the door or ignition
  • The key fob or transponder isn’t responding
  • Someone tried to steal your car
  • You just can’t find your keys

Should I consider DIY methods?

If you own an old car (more than a dozen years old), chances are, you may still be able to get your car open without calling an after hours locksmith.

First of all, check if your car insurance policy includes roadside assistance. If not, you won’t have many DIY options unless you’re ready to break the window of your car or wedge a tool to pry the car door open.

The downside of DIY methods is that you risk damaging your own car, which isn’t likely to be covered by your insurance policy since you did the damage yourself. And even if you were somehow successful, there might be an obvious dent on the door frame that attracts opportunistic burglars.

Benefits of hiring an after hours locksmith

If DIY just doesn’t cut it, at least you know that your car is a secure model. This is when an emergency locksmith should step in. Working with a professional locksmith has many advantages since you’re paying for their expertise and experience.

1. Fast service

Auto locksmiths understand that your car needs to be opened as soon as possible. In many cases, it takes approximately 20 minutes for the locksmith to arrive, and another 20 minutes or less to open your car (depending on the make and model). This is much faster than if you were to handle the situation yourself.

2. No damages

A trained emergency locksmith will provide a smooth and seamless auto lockout service that mostly leaves your vehicle unharmed in the process, thanks to the right tools.

Even without having a physical key to copy, an auto locksmith can make his own using a key analyser or VATS passkey decoder. They can also extract broken keys without damaging the lock or open your car using a transponder programming tool.

3. Around the clock service

At three in the morning, you’re probably wondering if there’s anyone you can call who can help you get in — or out — of your car.

An emergency locksmith offers 24-hour fast and reliable lockout services at any time of the day, even during holidays.

Their services aren’t limited to lockouts either. They can also help open your locked safe and install biometric entry access systems in commercial buildings.

Always keep a locksmith’s number for emergencies

Knowing a reliable after hours locksmith helps you set your mind at ease since you already know who to call for auto lockouts and more. Don’t know where to start your search? Look no further. Our professionals here at APEX locksmiths are ready to provide emergency services at any time of the day. For lockouts, car re-keying and more, call (02) 9569 4807.