Deadlocks for Doors

Deadlocks for Doors

How to Choose the Best Deadlocks for Doors

Ever wondered if your doors at home or at the office offer enough protection against intruders? For many properties, door locks are the first line of defence for your loved ones and belongings. Because hardware shops offer a wide selection of different lock types, you may not be sure which to buy for your own home. One option that’s increasing in popularity these days are deadlocks for doors.

Here, we’ll help you choose the best deadlocks for front doors so you can elevate the security in your home or office.

What is a deadlock lock?

A deadlock lock can also be called a deadbolt or deadlatch lock, and they’re popularly known as heavy-duty locks since they won’t rotate without the right key.

They’re not spring-loaded, which means the bolt (or bolts) will stay protruded unless you use the key to turn the lock and retract them back in.


Guide to Choosing Deadlocks for Front Doors

1. Know the Different Types

There are a variety of different deadlocks for sale online and in hardware stores. The two most common types you’ll encounter, however, are the single-cylinder lock and the double-cylinder lock.

What’s the difference?

The single-cylinder deadlock lock, also called a single-barrelled lock, has a key slot on one side while the other side has a knob or other type of turning mechanism — usually a lever you can turn with your thumb.

The double-cylinder deadlock doesn’t have a thumb-turn mechanism but instead has a key slot on both sides. Most deadlocks for front doors use a single-cylinder, but the double-cylinder deadlock offers the most protection against criminals.

2. Determine Which Type You Need

Now that you’re familiar with the two most common types of deadlocks for doors, the next step is to decide between them.

The double-locking feature of double-cylinder deadlocks offers more security. Most people prefer them on glass panels since burglars can’t break the glass and try to let themselves in by turning the handle. The downside is that this type of lock may also be a nuisance if you need to exit the property in a hurry, such as during emergencies.

With a single-cylinder deadlock lock, you can open one side without a key (typically the interior side). They’re a wonderful security measure but work best when paired with other types of locks such as a keyless entry option that’s part of your access control systems.

3. Consider Aesthetics

After completing steps 1 and 2, you can start shopping around for well-designed deadlocks for your home or place of business. Security should still be the number one priority, which is why you leave style for last.

Traditionally, you get more designs and features the higher up the price point you go. If your local hardware store doesn’t have a lot of designs to choose from, you should check out deadlocks for sale online — you’ll be spoiled for choice at the numerous options at your fingertips.

APEX Locksmiths Can Help You Choose and Install Deadlocks for Doors

Having trouble choosing the right type of lock? Or maybe you’re not sure yet of what your property needs. If you need more security for your business, you may be better off buying commercial security door locks.

Don’t waste precious time and money buying the wrong products, let a professional locksmith help. APEX locksmiths can give you a better idea of the security weaknesses of your property, and suggest whether you should buy deadlocks for doors or consider other options.