Eastern Suburbs Locksmith

Eastern Suburbs Locksmith

How an Eastern Suburbs Locksmith Can Help Keep Seniors Safe

As Australia’s aged population continues to grow, today’s home security options have also evolved to cater to the changing needs of our seniors. And if you or someone you know requires targeted security solutions to make aging in place easier, you stand to gain a lot from hiring an Eastern Suburbs locksmith.

Aging and Living in the Eastern Suburbs

While the Eastern Suburbs is a popular destination for many visitors to Sydney because of its popular beaches and proximity to the business district, it’s also a great place for those who want to enjoy their retirement in peace.

24 hour locksmiths offer several services to make it possible for seniors to live comfortably and securely, which is what we’ll cover in this post.

Locksmith Security Solutions for Seniors

1. Smart locks

A residential and emergency locksmith can be the perfect person to talk to about smart locks. These devices are multi-functional and easy to use.

Instead of using keys — which can easily be lost or stolen — you use personal numeric codes or even biometric scanning to enter or exit the room or house.

These smart locks can even be a part of home automation systems, which is another service that 24 hour locksmiths can help you with.

2. Burglar alarms

While it’s normal to feel like an alarm might be too loud for the elderly, it should serve its purpose as a deterrent for burglars.

Aside from installing alarms that emit an audible sound for everyone in the house, you may also want to hire an Eastern Suburbs locksmith to install a security system that informs family members via chat, email, or app notification that someone has entered or exited the property.

3. Door spy hole

Spy holes may be a very simple home security tool, but they’re useful for seniors who live alone in an apartment.

Compared to a CCTV camera or security system, a spy hole may not seem too impressive, but there are several advantages to it:

  • Affordability
  • Ease of use
  • Not dependent on battery or electricity

4. Safes

It is often a challenge for seniors to hide away important or expensive items because of mobility problems. So why not make it easier with a home safe?

A locksmith can help you buy a safe that’s easy to use. And, with just the right size and has all the necessary security features.

Since many seniors have vision problems, a keypad locking mechanism might be harder for them to use. Instead, opt for simple key locking safes or ones with biometric scanning to reduce hassle.

The Importance of Keeping an Eastern Suburbs Locksmith on Speed-Dial

An emergency locksmith is well-aware of the different situations that may require emergency services. Such as home lockouts, car lockouts, after burglaries, and more. This is why it pays to keep a locksmith’s number on speed-dial in case you or an elderly loved one requires immediate assistance.

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