How to Save Money When Getting Replacement Car Keys?

Replacement Car Keys

If you’ve ever lost your car keys, then you already know what to expect. Many people who have never tried losing their car keys are usually in for a headache. And if you don’t have a spare car key, then it’s going to be an expensive headache. We’re here to give you the best options to get replacement car keys without breaking the bank.

How to Get Replacement Car Keys on a Budget

1. Always keep a spare.

This one is fairly obvious. Still, many people fail to appreciate the importance of having a spare key. And for those who do understand, they still can’t find the time to get spare keys made — which doesn’t help at all.

Without a spare or original key, it can be very costly to have replacement car keys made. So naturally, the best way to save money is to always have spare keys. It’s more affordable to pay for car key duplication than a replacement.

2. Approach an auto locksmith instead of your car dealer.

This might as well be a life hack. It’s normal for some car owners to think that the best person to approach about car keys is their car dealer. While they can help you with your problem, they’re not the only ones.

A certified auto locksmith has plenty of experience with car keys, sometimes even more than most car dealers. And the best part is that locksmith services are almost always more affordable, especially when it comes to providing replacement car keys and remotes.

3. Claim on your car insurance.

Depending on your policy, your insurance company may cover you for the cost of getting a replacement key for your car. Even if you’re not sure, it’s best to call your insurance provider. It may save you a lot of money.

Common questions asked by car owners

At this point, you likely have several questions about finding a locksmith for a replacement car key. Below are questions often asked by vehicle owners who have decided to request services from a locksmith for their car keys.

How do I find auto key makers near me?

A simple Google search will give you a list of nearby auto locksmith services. Other details such as their website, phone number, email address, and client reviews should also be available. This can help you determine which business fits what you’re looking for.

Can locksmiths come to my location when I have a problem with my car keys?

Some locksmiths offer mobile services, that is to say, they have a van that already stores many of the parts and equipment they need. As soon as you call a mobile locksmith, they can drive to your location to help.

How much will it cost to have a car key made without the original?

In NSW, it may cost as much as $300 or even $750 to get a single replacement car key from a car dealer. From a professional auto locksmith, however, you can get it at a fraction of the cost.

Eliminate the hassle and excessive costs by hiring auto locksmiths

If you haven’t considered hiring an auto locksmith for replacement car keys, now is the time. Not only will the locksmith come to you, but you also enjoy bigger savings, which you can use to create spare keys (you know you need them). Let APEX locksmiths give you the best value for auto locksmith services. Call (02) 9569 4807 and our team of professionals will be more than happy to assist you.