A Cutting-Edge Lockwood Locking Solution for Every Home

Lockwood is one of the premier Australian brands within the locking industry. Their products are renowned for their quality, trustworthiness and reliability. For this reason, we’re proud to stock Lockwood locks, here at Apex Locksmiths.

Whether you’re looking for Lockwood door locks, padlocks, safes, keyless entry options, security hardware or anything else in between, we can help you. We stock all manner of Lockwood locks and can help you find the right security option for your home or place of business today. We also offer installation, maintenance and emergency locksmith services, in conjunction with our retailed products.

Get your Lockwood Locks from Apex today. We’re experienced, reliable and perhaps most importantly, trustworthy. Please call (02) 9569 4807, if you’d like more information regarding our products and services.

Enjoy the Convenience of Keyless Entry

Keyless entry and access control reduce the chances of operational inefficiencies and stressful situations like lost keys and lockouts.

Lockwood 001Touch™ Keyless Digital Deadlatch

This lock combines the security of the classic Lockwood 001 Deadlatch with the convenience of a stylish digital touch screen keypad. It allows you to create a 4-12 digit pin code and program up to 20 key cards to facilitate keyless entry.


Lockwood Code Handle Keyless Lockset

This innovative door handle lockset allows you to ensure a great level of electronic security while maintaining the aesthetic appeal. Easy to install, the lock offers convenience in access control which makes it an ideal choice for storerooms and offices.


Lockwood Keyless Digital Deadbolt

Ideal for light, interior doors in commercial settings such as storefront and storeroom doors, this lock offers a digital locking solution which allows you to use a master pin code, a visitor code and 20 user codes to facilitate keyless access control.


Nexion Electronic Keyless Entry Lockset

This stylish Nexion lockset uses Q-key remote control to facilitate keyless operation and an automatic deadlatch for enhanced security. The lockset comes in two different plate styles and a variety of lever styles to compliment your home’s design and consistency.  Features:

More from the Lockwood Digital Range

Lockwood Selector® 3772 Universal Mortice Locks

Ideal for heavy duty doors in industrial and commercial settings, schools, clubs, hotels etc, this Lockwood digital lock offers varied latching functions which can be operated by key or outside handle and by turnknob, key or inside handle.

Lockwood Cortex® Digital Door Lock

This popular innovation from Lockwood ASSA ABLOY features a standalone electronic access system which stands for superior quality and durability standards. Cortex is known as Australia’s first digital lockset to be fire rated for 530 latch and Lockwood mortice variants.  Other features include:

Lockwood 002 Digital DX Deadlatch

Featuring a mechanical solution for keyless access control, this Lockwood digital lock is designed to maintain high levels of security in commercial buildings. The in-built clutching mechanism offers additional security when under attack by allowing the outside knob to rotate without operating or damaging the lock.

Lockwood 530 Digital DX Entrance Set

Another mechanical keyless entry solution, this lockset is suitable for commercial settings that require frequent combination changes. Selected locks are combined with digital access pads to facilitate keyless access control.

Lockwood Selector® 3772 DX Digital Mortice Locks

This Lockwood digital lock uses a Lockwood Selector 3772 Series Cylinder Mortice Deadlatch to facilitate keyless entry.

A Rundown on Our Lockwood Services

When you shop our range of Lockwood locks online, we not only hand you a quality product that suits your locking needs but also provide professional services to ensure proper function of your locks and your safety.

Quick Installations

Be it a keyless digital deadbolt or cavity sliding door lock, locksets have to be fit snugly against the door to ensure maximum efficiency and protection. Our friendly, high skilled locksmiths have the expertise and experience along with specialised tools to install any lockset or door hardware right the first time.

We save you the hassle of buying complex installation equipment and eliminate the stress that comes with DIY installation by sending our professional locksmiths to your residential or commercial property.

Hassle-Free Repairs

Has your deadbolt just broken? Is your lockset lose? Or do you have any other issue impairing the function of your digital lock or your home’s security? We are more than happy to lend you the assistance you need.

Even the highest quality of locks may wear out due to continuous use over a long period. Our technician will take a look at your door and lock mechanism and check if your lockset is still capable of locking properly and not posing any major security risk. In that case, we will fix your broken lock without having to remove all the door hardware or replace the entire lockset.

Easy Upgrades

Maybe your lockset is not damaged and is functioning properly, but it’s been a while since you changed the locks. Our urgent or scheduled upgrade service comes handy when you are renovating your home, moving your business to a new, bigger commercial building and when your home or business’ security is compromised.

No matter how minor or complex your upgrade request, our technicians will reach your location in a jiffy to assist you with the replacement of old locks and installation of new, top-notch Lockwood locking solutions whatever the need be.

Expert Consultation

With endless choices for residential and commercial door locking hardware available out there, it can be confusing and overwhelming for customers to choose the right locking solution for their property.

Having sold, installed and serviced the most advanced, intricate Lockwood digital locks to basic door handles and window locks, we have gained a reputation for providing our clients with knowledgeable and helpful advice for them to make informed decisions about their home or business security.

Let us serve you with highly reliable services

When it comes to the security of your family, home or business, you don’t want to overlook your lock installations, maintenance and repair. Drop us a mail at [email protected] to request our Lockwood product catalogue to know more about our locking solutions. To book a lock installation or service appointment, call at (02) 9569 4807.