Why Lockwood Locks Are Ideal for Both Domestic and Commercial Security?

Lockwood Locks

There are several well-known lock brands in Australia that people rely on when it comes to locking solutions — Kwikset, Schlage, Yale, Masterlock, among others. Another leading brand that’s known in the country for its high-quality locks is Lockwood. So, how do homes and offices benefit from having Lockwood locks?

Lockwood locks for home

According to statistics, 2.5% of homes in Australia experienced at least one break-in from 2016 to 2017. This may not seem like a big number, but for every one of these homeowners, it’s a stressful ordeal. Your home deserves protection from burglaries, especially if you have valuables and important items. While you have several options for products to elevate the security of your home, simply installing high-quality locks can make a very big difference. To prevent burglaries at home, there are several types of locks you can use on your doors.

Doorknob locks, while common, are the easiest for burglars to defeat. Deadbolts and keypad locks offer more protection, but they can still be opened, too. Pairing your locks with bolts, bars, and chains is the usual advice from security experts. Since determined burglars can still open them, however, adding a home security system is the best solution. Sydney locksmiths can help you install alarm systems and surveillance cameras to help catch burglars. As soon as an intruder is detected, a siren sounds and the appropriate people can be notified or dispatched.


How facilities and businesses can benefit from Lockwood products

Do you have a brick-and-mortar business that requires locking solutions? Lockwood digital locks can allow for keyless entry so your employees don’t need to carry around keys. These keys can easily fall into the wrong hands.

Lockwood deadbolt and security door locks are also a worthwhile option, as long as you pair them with other security products (e.g. security systems, bolts, etc.) and instruct employees on the importance of locking up and setting up the proper security steps before leaving the premises.

Tips to improve the security of your small business:

  • Ensure there’s adequate lighting in all areas of the property.
  • Train your people on policies and procedures.
  • Make sure all blinds are closed after hours.
  • Watch out for loitering individuals.
  • Change access codes regularly.
  • Diligently remove user accounts from previous employees.

Different types of Lockwood products

Lockwood deadbolt locks, as well as Lockwood digital locks, are among the company’s best-selling merchandise. In fact, they’re used in many homes and offices across Australia due to their durability and easy installation. Aside from their line of locks, Lockwood also sells everything from door handles, door hooks, signages, door stops, and even home safes. If you need to make repairs or adjustments, Lockwood has a wide range of parts and extension kits, too.

When it comes to quality locking products, Lockwood is the brand to choose

Professional locksmiths in Sydney know which brands to trust when it comes to securing your home or place of business. Here at APEX locksmiths, we won’t hesitate to recommend Lockwood locks for your basic and professional security needs. Not only do they have an impressive range of different products to choose from, but they also offer excellent post-sales support and warranties for most of their items.