How To Choose The Best Home Safe?

best domestic safes

Because of the alarming cases of burglaries in recent times, it has become necessary to purchase products to increase the level of security in our homes. A domestic safe is one of the best security products money can buy. They are built to resist force and can store your valuables and important documents and hard to manipulate locking mechanisms. However, choosing the best domestic safe can be difficult, especially if you do not know what features you need to watch out for. You can do some thorough research on the best safes in the world and check online reviews. But, that could consume so much of your time and cause you a lot of stress. The more products you encounter, the more confusing it could get. So, it’s better to get professional help.

Your local locksmith will be able to assist you with choosing the best home safes in Australia. They will first visit your home, help you determine which items need maximum protection, and give you a clear suggestion on what kind of safe you will need. Additionally, they will also help you determine the best locations in your house for your safe to be installed. And, they can install the safe once it is already in your possession. Furthermore, they can offer maintenance services for your domestic safe and open them for you if you ever lose access to it.

How To Find The Best Domestic Safe

If you ever consult with a professional locksmith about choosing a safe, they won’t be inclined to give you a specific product name. They won’t tell you which safe is the best because what’s best for others might not be best for you. It all depends on what items you’d like to place inside, which product you’ll find ease-of-use, and what level of security you think you might need. Nevertheless, they will give you a list of factors to consider when choosing the best domestic safe. Here they are.

1. Size and Weight

Your domestic safe should be heavy relative to its size and could deter burglars and intruders. The best burglary safe will have thick solid steel walls and an even thicker door. This will make it hard for any burglar to crack it open, and it will be hard to carry without alerting neighbours and passersby.

2. Storage Capacity

Knowing which items you’d like to give extra security will help determine which domestic safe will be best for you. If you have many items to keep, you should purchase a big safe. If you are keeping some important documents along with money and jewellery, you might want to consider a safe with more shelves inside so you can keep your belongings organised. And, if you need to place a gun or another weapon inside, you must be sure the safe complies with your state laws.

3. Locks

Safe locking mechanisms include electronic, biometric, mechanical, and combination. Some security safes also have a re-locker feature that automatically shuts your safe when tampering is attempted. Choose a locking mechanism that is secure yet easy for you to remember. It also helps to have an added re-locker feature to make manipulation attempts harder.

4. Fire Protection

To further secure your valuables, a domestic safe should have a fire protection feature. Aside from burglary protection, your safe should also be able to shield your belongings from fire and other natural disasters. You might wonder, what is the best fireproof safe for home use? The best one should be able to withstand a blazing fire for at least 30 minutes. This gives you or a fireman enough time to put out the fire and grab your things to safety.

5. Price

If you are planning on keeping a hefty amount of cash and expensive jewellery, the best domestic safe for you could be expensive. Big burglar-proof safes don’t come cheap. But, remember that a safe is a lifetime investment in your security, and you will need to get the best possible option when protecting high-value items. Fortunately, some affordable safes could give you the same protection. You will need to know how to look for them through the features listed with the products. Your locksmith can also put you in the direction of a less expensive yet highly reliable domestic safe.

6. Ease of Use

The best domestic safe should be hard for burglars to break but easy for its owner to use. Its owner should easily personalise and program its access. Owning a difficult safe will cause delays and inconvenience in case of situations that require transferring valuables to another location.

Considering these factors will make finding the best domestic safe will be much easier. To know more features and the latest safe technology, consult the professionals at Apex Locksmiths. We can help you through all your safe needs, from choosing, installing, and its regular care. Call us today on (02) 9569 4807!