How Locksmiths Can Help You After a Home Burglary!

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The risk of burglary exists even for homes with the best home security setup, and dealing with the aftermath of one can cause anyone to feel uncertain and frustrated. As harrowing as the experience may be, eventually you’ll have to invest in enhancing your home’s security for better protection and peace of mind. A residential locksmith key service can be very helpful in these situations.

Recommended steps to take after a burglary:

  1. Immediately let the police know – This is the first thing every homeowner should do. Also, it’s usually best not to touch anything so the authorities can collect evidence to catch the criminals.
  2. Go over your security protocol – Knowing how the burglary happened can help you and the police find out where the holes in your home security were.
  3. Take stock of your belongings – This step may be difficult to do but can answer a lot of questions, such as what the criminals got away with and other possible motives.
  4. Notify your insurance agent – Your insurance company will also need to know about the burglary so you can file for a claim.
  5. Improve security precautions – There are two phases to this step. The first one should be executed right after a burglary, such as fixing broken doors and windows. The second is a continuous effort to implement new security measures and maintain them.

The last part is where a locksmith key service can come in very handy. You can never know for sure if criminals may have taken or made copies of your keys, so it’s best to have your home re-keyed.

Eliminate Risks with the Right Locksmith Key Service

Homeowners who suffer a burglary should consider installing security door locks if they haven’t already. An emergency locksmith service can also help repair broken door locks and replace old ones on your doors, windows, and closets.

While the police will surely conduct their own inspection of your home, a locksmith should also be given the chance to look over the damages and spot any security weaknesses. They may even recommend additional measures such as home security systems and gate deadlocks.

Consider Deadlocks on Your Gates

A deadlock can be very helpful, especially on sturdy gates. Burglars are likely to climb over the gate expecting to be able to open it from the other side and carry out heavy items such as your TV and furniture. Deadlocks, however, will stay in locked condition from both sides unless the proper key is used.

Knowing they can’t make away with your larger possessions can be enough to discourage the burglars from stealing more.

24/7 Locksmiths for Emergencies Are Here to Help

When searching for a locksmith, you’ll need someone who can rush to your place as soon as possible. Search for a “locksmith near me” can narrow down your options to the closest locksmith service to your home.

Here at APEX, we help homeowners find the right key service to recover after a burglary. We can also help install various home security systems so your home is always protected, even when you’re away.