Parramatta Locksmith Services During A Heath Crisis

Parramatta Locksmith

Locksmith Services in Parramatta during COVID

The latest coronavirus has changed the way we live our lives, and it’s only natural to think twice before we look for any kind of service beyond our own home. While it may seem to a lot of people that the world, including many business operations has stopped yet lock-related emergencies still happen. Though you may be driving less, for instance, you may still lock your keys in the car by accident. The good news is that you can still find a Parramatta locksmith service that can help you during emergencies.

Before you do call a 24/7 emergency locksmith, there are several things you should know about how locksmith businesses have adapted to current events.

1. Emergency Cases Are Given Precedence

Due to the limitations caused by the novel coronavirus, locksmiths must give top priority to lockouts and other similar emergencies.

Other services, such as the installation of security and alarms, are still available — but with plenty of safety precautions taken for you and the locksmith’s safety. Safety precautions that locksmiths will follow include maintaining a 6-feet distance when possible, washing and sanitising of hands and commonly used surfaces, wearing face masks, and using cashless payment methods when possible.

2. Prepare Before You Call

Proof of ownership is required in order to hire a residential or automotive locksmith to open a car door or house. If you need a 24/7 emergency locksmith for a home lockout, an example of proof of ownership can be a simple ID and matching insurance card or registration documents.

For vehicle services, you can show the locksmith your ID and matching insurance card or registration.

Apart from the identification documents, you should also prepare some pieces of information that will further help the locksmith do their job faster and more efficiently.

Other information to share with the Parramatta Locksmith:

  • The type of lock – Are you calling for help for a deadbolt, smart lock, remote entry lock, or padlock? Let the locksmith know, so they can bring the equipment needed for the job.
  • The brand of lock – Different brands of locks may require different approaches to have them opened, fixed, or replaced.
  • If you lost the key – If you suspect a simple home lockout, the locksmith will only try and open the door to let you in. However, you should inform the locksmith if you are confident you’ve lost your keys. You will need to rekey or replace some locks in your home in such situations.
  • If you want home security installation – In most cases, home installations take more time than lockout services. If you are calling a Parramatta locksmith for home security and alarms installation, inform them beforehand, so they can allocate enough time for the project.

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